The Runaways Premiere After Party

Yawnnnnnn i'm tired from my late night after last nights post. I must admit though i do love how Kristen changes out of her party dresses as soon as possibly can into something more comfortable. She still looks effortlessly stunning and happy in these pictures.

The outfit itself consists of Jet by John Eshaya Skinny Jeans in Grey Vintage which are super tight (how she gets into the jeans themselves i will never know). Her t-shirt is annoying me because i can't see the logo on the front when i get more pictures and a better look i will slot this spot in ASAP. Shoes wise she swapped Jimmy Choo for some more comfortable Adidas Samba Shoes. Accessories were her favourite Chanel Camélia J2940 Onyx Rose with Diamonds Ring and Antique 'Little Red Riding Hood' Spoon Ring.

Jet by John Eshaya Skinny Jeans in Grey Vintage

Adidas Samba Shoes

Chanel Camélia J2940 Onyx Rose with Diamonds Ring

Antique 'Little Red Riding Hood' Spoon Ring


Those adidas neeed to go away. they are shiteous. Kstew please bring the vans back and the converse.


love the jeans.. love her style.. but is she like allergic with dresses or sumthing? cant even wear it for longer than 2 hours ...


i think she just like to be cool and relax when you have a dress on you have to watch how you sit with jeans six the way you want


Why the hell cat she stay with the beautiful dresses after the premieres? ><


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Nice, I love dakota and kristen haha, I don't really care about kristen but I'm a big fan of dakota because she really knows how to act, I don't know how she just won a few prices, she's a great actress.


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