Flaunt Behind The Scenes

Seriously words can simply not express what i want to say, i am lost for them so i'll be brief. This video just debuted not long ago and i've sat and rewatched it over and over again. Kristen is so relaxed and cheerful, sounds cute and is having a great time during this shoot. Not only that but she looks absolutely fantastic, i could not adore this woman any more than i do now. See this video symbolises why i am a fan of this woman, because she is real, she is a natural beauty, she likes to swap her heels for her flats and she is damn right fierce because she is Kristen Stewart.

Flaunt Behind The Scenes Video

Oh and in other news the Twi trio are heading to the Movie Awards, is anyone suprised? Can't wait for the steeze! For those wondering the awards are Sunday the 6th June, i'll be here blogging my way through the look that night so be sure to catch that.

Thanks to @KStewDevotee for the BTS vid link and @Dilzz for the fantastic screencaps!


LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!


I love this video!
She seems so happy :)

Love ur blog.


i love how she says "what the fuck is inner beauty?"



love kristen

love you for the blog...keep up the good work


"What the f**k is inner beauty?"
You are inner beauty Kristen xxxxxx


i totally died...!


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