Why are you a fan of Kristen? Send me your opinions!

I've been toying with the idea of this since we did the 'dream outfits' post which will happen again in the summer some time i believe. I love having you guys involved as much as possible here and i think this will be a really nice way for you guys to talk about why YOU are a Kristen fan instead of me.

Basically i am asking you guys to send me a little bit about why you are a Kristen fan, how you came to be one ect ect. You can write as much as you want and include pictures if you want just send me it all in an e-mail to kstewfashion@btinternet.com and i'll post them all here on this blog. Talk about anything Kristen related you want this is YOUR opinions not mine. It'll be a nice way for you guys to see your words and opinions posted here.

Now i'll give you guys some time to do this it can be just a few sentences or paragraphs or however long you want i'll see what the response is late next week (probably around Friday). Also tell me if you want your twitter name/any other name included or if you wish to remain anonymous.

This is something i really want as many of you guys as possible to take part in because i appreciate what every single one of you has to say. Don't be scared to send me anything because i won't bite i promise everyone is very welcome here ;) thank you so much for your ridiculous amount of support/comments/tweets/e-mails i know i am always saying thanks but i really mean it you guys are phemomenal.

I look forward to hearing from you.


HEy I love KRisten Stewart!! Cuz she awsome.. shes different shes not a famous diva or anything she has the coolest style ever and she has the best personalty. her attitude is cool and down to earth.... If i could meet her.. my dream would some true!!!!! I LOVE KRisten!!!!!!!


Hi Kiki! I love our girl Kristen because she has Real talent. She goes for roles that mean something instead of ones that are sure to be blockbusters. She is a natural beauty and isn't afraid to admit that she's not perfect. Kristen is a intelligent girl who is down to earth. She rocks jeans and sneakers instead of making everyday a unneeded fashion show (she doesn't walk around with her dog in her purse either). She has GREAT taste in fashion (never afraid to try something) and AMAZING taste in men. Anyone who trashes this chick is just a hater. I give credit where its due. Love ya.


Hy miss ktewfashion,

You have a great idea with this post, me too can't wait to see what the others will write about it.

SO i'm a Kristen fan since i saw The Messengers, she was cool in it.
It seems also that we have a lot on common, a comfy relaxed and chilled sense of fashion, i'm a bit awkward as she is.
English isn't my language so it will not be too long, because i don't really know how could i well explain my admiration of her.
She' s dawn to earth, bitchy and really cool in the real sense of the word.
That's it i think, i could write milloins others things about her.
My hope is , that she will evoluate as an actress and not change her personnality.

Thank's to you Ktewfashion, you do a really amazing job on your blog.

oh and one of my favorite pic of Kristen: http://spotlight.kristenjstewart.com/displayimage.php?album=topn&cat=0&pos=19
video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otq59Hz0q44
looks : on première=http://spotlight.kristenjstewart.com/displayimage.php?album=topn& cat=2&pos=17
: on red carpet=http://spotlight.kristenjstewart.com/displayimage.php?album=topn&cat=2&pos=68 equally with this one too= http://spotlight.kristenjstewart.com/displayimage.php?album=47&pos=11 ok and this one because c'mon it's the OSCAR= http://spotlight.kristenjstewart.com/displayimage.php?album=280&pos=18
: on talk show=http://spotlight.kristenjstewart.com/displayimage.php?album=255&pos=1
: on casual/everyday=http://spotlight.kristenjstewart.com/displayimage.php?album=293&pos=2
And i like her new hair do, even if there were so many people hated it, her Joan Jett mullet really look fantastic on her. Short or longer , great.

I wish you an nice evening and good w-e.

XX Jen


i send you a e-mail with pictures.
I just want to say you can include my twitter name sophiie_xc :)
i forgot to say it in the e-mail :)
xoxo sophiie-e


I LOVE Kristen, because she's not the average Hollywood girl.. she does not need all this tan skin, blond hair and itsy bitsy bling bling thing,.. what I loved most is her appearance at the mtv movie awards back in 2009 when she showed up with converse.. that's just such a cool statement all these paris hiltons would not have the heart to do..
kristen rocks!!


At first I really didn't like Kristen; she was stuttering in the whole Twilight movie and she couldn't even do one interview without fidgeting or touching her hair. One of my friends who was a huge fan of her's told me to 'give her a chance', I said no. It wasn't until they started filming NM that I told myself I would try to start liking her :P I watched some of her other movies (Speak, Panic Room and The Cake Eaters were the first) and I realized she was actually an amazing actresse! I still didn't like her performance in Twilight and I still thought she was annoying but I know realized she was good at what she did. I watched some more of her interviews from before Twilight and saw that she wasn't always that fidgety (is that how it's spelled?). I slowly found out it was mainly because of the fame she was that why. But I wasn't a "fan" of her's yet.
I became one when I saw her cut off her hair for the JJ role. *claps* It takes a LOT of gut to chop and dye your hair for a role. Esp. considering the whole Twilight universe went mad when they saw that she didn't have the Bella hair anymore. After the whole hair thing I re-watched her Twilight interviews and suddenly what I had found annoying was normal, she was uncomfortable in the spotlight.
Ever since then my 'love' for her has grown. She's one of the few people in Hollywood who is a good, young actresse and not trying to get fame. Kristen's a naturally beautiful, sweet, intelligent, unique, bad ass, sexy, talented woman.
I'm not able to really voice why I love her and why I'm a fan of her but what i just wrote above is a good summary of what I feel.


I think why I like her is becoz shes someone we can relate to. She wears normal everyday clothes, looks we can pull off. She doesnt change under the pressure of fame, she sticks to what she like which applys to her makeup, fashion, attitude and what movie roles she choses. And she reads, she always mentions authors she likes in some interviews. If theres ppl who knew who she was before twilight, like me, they can see she hasnt changed her fashion sense, and who she is in a way.
Thats why I like her.


Kristen is my favourite actress since i saw her in a film with jodie foster.she's natural, not like anothers actress in hollywood... i like her because she's just kristen


I'll admit I became interested in her when I saw she was going to play Bella in Twilight. I think she is beautiful and a strong person. She's not typical Hollywood and I REALLY love that! She is REAL, honest, and completely relatable. She also has a killer wardrobe that I would like to own. ;) That's why I love Kristen.


I have just recently become intrigued with Kristen Stewart. I've kind of grown up with her movies, without taking much consideration or acknowledgement of her as an actress. It wasn't until last November, when New Moon came to theaters, that I began to recognize Kristen for her originality. Truth be told, I was paid to stand in line and wait to see New Moon for some friends of mine. Not having any previous interest in the Twilight series, I decided to watch the first installment the night before the premiere of New Moon, so I wouldn't be completely lost with the story. While watching Twilight for the first time, I immediately recognized Kristen. Like I said, I had basically grown up with her movies. I couldn't help but feel like most of Twilights' appeal was based on Kristen's talent. Since then, I've watched and admired most of her performances, and then began learning bits and pieces of her life. I think what makes Kristen most admirable is her realistic perspective. She is young, rich, gorgeous, and immensely talented, but she is also extremely bright, meek, and deferential, and doesn't take shit from anyone. I highly respect Kristen for knowing her place and owning to the fact that she is just a simple human being. It is very unusual for me to have such a high regard for someone, especially a movie star, but that just goes to show what a unique attraction she has. I aspire to be like Kristen......but not to "copy" her style, or try to look and act like her, but to be as true to myself as Kristen is. She's got balls, wit, and spunk, and has more audacity and grace than most people her age that I know of (we are the same age). I hope to see Kristen continue her career for many years, and achieve many more accomplishments. I wish her all the best.


I'm from Asia and so forgive my poor English. I watched 'The Panic Room' a few years ago. I did not have special feeling about this girl after seeing Twilight and New Moon. Until I saw some of her interviews on youtube and photoshots, I am obsessed with her! The depth she tried to deliver during her interviews impressed me. I can really feel her love to acting and her passion in this industry. I respect her so much that she did a lot of indie films, even after she got fame after Twilight!

She is very beautiful, natural and talented. Not the type that catches your eyes in the frist sight but makes people admire her little by little without a letup. She persists her own style, so much different from those fake Hollywood barbies!!~ She's really cool in The Runaways (disappointed, the film won't be shown in my city). I love her more and more everyday.


I admire kristen stewart
For many reasons
summary: she is not a Hollywood star but she is a star

Kristen does a lot of things that many people in Hollywood would never do:
- When all the world identified she with Bella , kristen has cut her hair
- She not speculates on the relationship with Robert
-Take a break from work instead of taking advantage of the situation and turn many films
- It's Hard to be the girlfriend of a guy who is the object of desire of many women and not being able to tell the world, but she remains close to Robert in the important moments (New Year's, Budapest, Prime RM etc.)
- She's irreverent, funny, loves his family

and much, much more

excuse my English, I'm Italian


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