A little note

Hey everyone, this is just a small note to tell you that i will be away from Monday morning until Wednesday evening therefore i will miss the Stockholm look Kristen will be flaunting tomorrow. I swear my friends choose the worst weeks to drag me to a spa resort, I've tried to break up with them.

I am very pleased to tell you that the very amazing @wkw_ed aka what Kristen wore will be guest blogging the Stockholm look for you guys! She will be posting here and on my twitter account. I want to say an absolutely huge thank you to her for doing this, she's actually a better blogger than me (you will see) and i appreciate her taking the time to do this for not only myself but all the readers here.

Show her some love when she posts and I'll meet all you guys at the Eclipse L.A premiere on Thursday. I can hardly wait!




Have fun! :)



awww yea have fun,
we'll miss you!


Enjoy!!! =)


spa resort ... have fun that's something u shouldnt miss i guess everyone needs a break like this

enjoy ur time & when u r back we will remain being here :D


have fun and chill out you must need it after all this blogging lol xx

take care,
lou xx


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