Kristen Stewart Fashion Is Closing

This post has been written and re-written several times within the last week or so. I’ve had the most wonderful experience running this website, meeting new friends and conversing with fans over the last year or so. After careful consideration i have decided to stop posting on this blog. This is mainly due to commitments towards my own education, i feel i can not give this site the time and commitment i have given it in the past. Unfortunately i feel these standards can not be currently upheld.

I’d like to thank every single person who has ever taken the time to read any of these blog posts, left comments and personally e-mailed me over the last year. You are all truly and greatly appreciated by myself and Maria.

I’d also like to say the largest thank you to Maria. Not only has she become a friend but she gave this blog her time, talent and commitment.

The blog will still be open for anyone who wishes to view past posts however no new posts will be available on the site starting Monday the 7th March.

Thank you and all the best, thank you for making this blog such a wonderful experience.


Kristen Stewart Fashion Blog 2011

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Oh no!!!!!!! Well you are the best and you will be missed! Thanks for your devoted attention to KStew's fashion. I've always admired your immediate posts during fashion events for KStew. Understandable that education comes first :) good luck!


:'( I'll miss this blog a lot.


This makes me sad, it seems like everything that I have been following lately is slowly coming to an end :(. Now where I get info about Kristen latest outfits? I will truly miss this site and its post about Kristen's fashion and the make-up tutorials. Since following this site I have really grown to love fashion and the make-up tips were so helpful. I will probably still check it on a daily basis out of habit. Thank you for keeping it running for as long as you guys did. Good luck with your education.


I´ve visited your site every day(several times over),i´ll miss your blog(well I miss it now)...Thanks for your working on this blog,good luck...


No, no, no!!!
I love this blog so much, and I don't want to say goodbye. It's one of my favourites. Which other fashion site as good as yours?
Please, don't close it!




please do not close .....
I am Brazilian and I make the effort every day trying to understand English .... just read this perfect blog ..... please do not close ....
decrease the posts but do not close ....

request of a desperate fan


Thank you for all the time you have spent on this blog for us.
I am gonna miss it.

many kisses from Belgium


You guys did a fantastic job on this blog - I really liked following it. Good luck on the rest of your school year!


hey don't close or stop posting i really like it, i see u from Venezuela, so far away, i see this every day, please don't :(


Hey, Kiki,

oh no, I cannot believe! That's absolutly my favourite blog in the web. But I understand that it takes a lot of time to prepare new posts...
That's a great loss for all KStew fans, I'm really sad :(
However, thank you thank you thank you for creating this blog, I loved reading it. I've learnt a lot of new things and actually because of you I've become interested in fashion.
Please, consider one more time if you really need to close this blog... Maybe you could just make a pause for some months and come back later, when you'll have more time?

I'm gonna miss KSF so much.

Lumirose xoxo

P.S. Sorry for my English...


I'm from Brazil, and I see your blog always...
Oh! I don't know..
You know is better for you,
Thank you so much!


i agree with the others! Dont close! maybe you could just post less or take a long break until you would have more time. please dont close. THIS BLOG IS AWESOME!


Hey Kiki
Please don`t close. I read your blog every single day. I know you put a lot of time to this but please don`t stop. Maybe you just do a post every month with the best pic`s of the month. I use to surf a lot at the internet and I never found a blog about KStew and fashion like yours. Non has the quality and the ability yours have. Most blogs post to much rumor or pap pics or have no sense for fashion. I`ve learned so much about fashion (and also a lot of english). And its always nice to hear your opinion to the looks. I never was interested in fashion before. It was just something I never needed. But now I am. I read your blog nearly a year and it´s still really good. I have to say thank you for everything. And also to maria. You were a fixed part of my daily schedule (and you still are). So i still have hope but i can understand your decision. maybe you just take some time off and then start again. Best wishes for your school.
I really appreciate your work.
Thank you

PS: I´m really sorry for my bad english but I´m from germany...


no dejes de escribir por favor!! desde ESPAÑA(spain) te lo pido. pon menos información pero no dejes de poner tan drásticamente

you do not stop writing please! from SPAIN (spain) I request it to you. pon less information but you do not stop putting so drastically


Aww, I'm so sad...
I looove your blog...
You were always very informative about KStew's fashion...putting great pictures and videos!!!
I'll miss your posts!!!
Good luck in school...Maybe when you have a break you can do some updates...



OH NO!!!!!!!! i love this blog!!!!! im always on it!!!!! half the jewelry i own i wouldn't know about if it weren't for this blog (little red riding hood spoon ring etc. anyway, thanks for such a great blog it was awesome!!!! best wishes!!!! :)


no kiki do not shut it, love from Ando your #1 fan!


Aw, such sad news! I would like to give you my heart felt thanks for spending your time and talent on such an awesome blog.It was my favourite and will definitely be sorely missed!

I think you, along with your great subject Kristen, inspired the fashionista in all of us :)
All the best for your studies and your future career, with passion and inspiration like yours you are sure to be a huge success. Good luck Kiki!


Oh no!!!! I love your blog and I will miss your posts a lot, but I understand. I wish you luck ... Los mejores deseos desde México y mucho éxito :)


This blog is one of my favourites, it's so so sad that you have decided to quit and you will be greatly missed. It is also totally understandable of course.
My very best wishes!

Hugs from Sweden


Dude i am so going to miss your blog. Is there anything similar like this? thanks and good luck and lots of wisdom to you. kudos for your priorities.


Oh noooo ! I'm a french fan of Kstew and i love your website !! it's so sad !!!

Good luck for the futur !


I really don't know what to say...I feel deeply, deeply sad...I remember when I first found this blog, I was thrilled such thing existed, it had all the detailed informations and pictures that I was looking for...I followed it ever since and as a kristen stewart fan first but also as a fashion lover I must say it is really my favourite blog!!! I would like to ask you to reconsider your decision, now that you have seen that so many people from so many different countries loved it so much...this must be something! I understand of course your other obligations but maybe you could find a way to preserve this blog...maybe make one large post occasionally...we wouldn't mind waiting as long as you would post! Finally, I would like to thank you for all these wonderful posts and the tireless effort you have put to this blog and I would like to say that I respect your decisions but I still don't want to believe you will close it after all because I firmly believe it is so good that it deserves to be continued...I hope I made a difference and many regards from Greece!!!


OH-NO!What a surprise!Seriously so sad..:(
I have this blog in my favourite list and will come over to your page like almost everyday..I love your blog as much I love Kristen and her style.

Will miss this blog...:(
TQ for a such good post from you all this while.
Last but not least., good luck in your study.Hope you will come back one fine day!




This is so sad news, I would really love you to keep this website updated. It is seriously one of a kind!
I unserstand though, and please know I loved reading your posts, I love your attitude toward Kristen, I mean not posting unnecessary pap pics, and being respectful.

You'll be missed.

Cheers from France


Dear Kiki,

Your blog is beyond amazing and you do a fabulous job for running this special site. Closing down this site is definitely a loss of the fandom. However, I respect your decision and wish you luck with your study. I wonder if there is a chance to start this site again after you have finished your education?

Monica from Hong Kong


but i'm so in love with your blog and sometime you will be back soon i know this !
and i hope so.I love kristens style whatever and your page helped me a lot to find my own style.
thanks you a lot for this and i really really love your blog and kristens fashion
get well und kisses
you'll be missed


Omg Im gonna fuckin dieee!!
you guys are awesomeeeeee!!


This has been the best blog I've read so far and I am so sad you are going to stop bloging. But im very glad your not deliting the blog, because if I need some inspo i just look trough the blog. thank you for bloging and i will miss you posting on it :'(


good luck in your study, wish u all success ... i'm sure u will be back to blogging , maybe this time u will blog about ur own designs :)

your blog was inspiring, and i really appreciated the work u put in here
and i need not to say ... i will miss u & miss ur insight

but dont forget about ur blogosphere friends, come back from time to time ... :)


noo that is soo sad:( I loved your blog soo much.. Does somebody know a other good Kstew fashion blog except coolspotters? :(


Hi Kiki !

I am so sad that you decided to stop your blog, I visited it every day ! But I wanted to thank you for all the amazing job you've done, you were a reliable source for Kristen's outfits.
I wish you the best and if you decide to create another blog one day, please let us know !

Kisses from France !


Kiki! I'm so sad that this blog is closing down! I visit it like everyday, and it's one of the best KS fashion sites ever! I just wanted to let you and Maria know that I appreciate all your handwork you put in for this blog, and how dedicated you guys are. But I totally understand. Education comes first, and make sure you study hard! Because I'm sure all of us are here for you if you ever need help!

Lots and lots of love & kisses


Going through with drawl since this site closed! Please help! Post links to other Kristen Fashion sites!


Hi Kiki,
we never met and we never wrote to each other. I'm a journalist for an italian fashion magazine and, I have to tell you, I will miss you deeply. You have no idea how many times I've "used" your findigs and discoveries for my articles about Kristen... Education is important. It's more: it's crucial for your future, but if I can give you an advice well, don't give up! Keep writing, keep doing what you love and you will see the results soon enough. This blog is an incredible card to play as a presentation of your skills and dedication. You've come a long way since your first post, don't give up now...
And if you need a hand, just ask, there's plenty of people ready to help and participate in the project!
Keep calm and carry on girl, we're here for you ;)


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I've really enjoyed your blog. If you ever find the time in your busy schedule, I'd love to see new posts. Do you think you'll ever reconsider and perhaps write a little in the summer months or in your spare time?

Thanks and You'll be missed!


"Life is like riding a bike, in order to keep your balance you gotta keep moving!"
this was so beautiful and peaceful and made me happy for you.
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Welcome back. Wonderful photos, wonderful story. So glad you could be there.


oh no!!!!!!!!!! pls dont....i've been regularly following this blog....pls just dnt close it try to update occasionally i love your blog


i love your site... im so sad that you decided to stop... but anyways... good luck on your education! :)


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I like this blog .
really sad

estonian girl


Awwh this is so sad :'(
please come back please. I'm a huge fan of kstew fashion and your blog is soooooooo important for me.


This is sad. I love this blog. You should definitely consider posting again when you have more time or maybe handing it off to someone who might be interested in taking over.


So sad to see this blog go!!!!!! I'll miss it so much! you were my go to for all things KStew fashion and fashion in general since Kristen is such a trend setter in her urban look. I just popped over now to see who the designer was for her WFE premier dress in NYC.
Good luck on your education! and hope you post come back to post the important dresses and outfits as they come up.


Feeling so depressed right now but it is nice to see this blog. Infact,this is the best blog ever. I don't know how to keep up with the things that Kristen wear anymore now that you're closed. I'm gonna miss this. Hope that you come back and good luck to your education! Thank you so much for making this blog!


u r the only resource that help me alot about Kristen Stewart's fashion !!!!!!
please don't stooop


Good writing, I wanted to thank you for this interesting I definitely loved every little bit of it. I have you bookmarked your site to check out the latest stuff you post.


i love this blog so much!!please don't close this blog:( i don't know where i find kristen stewart's fashion again.. please don't!!!!!!!!!


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