Your Dream Kristen Outfits Part 5

Part 5 *sniffs* we're edging closer to the end of this, just 2 posts left after today. I think its truley great how many of you have taken part in this, retweeted this and commented on this. Its nice to just take a step back from all the hate thats swimming around the now and just be Kristen fans. Luckily this blog has avoided the hate mail so far *i hope i haven't just jynxed myself*. We've all come together and thats whats so great about this.

Don't worry i haven't actually forgotten about my job here, i have some posts i'm thinking about putting up this weekend featuring the Stew....... i'm taking my time with my posts these days and trying to make them better for you guys. I'm drained these days with the amount of work i have but i won't ramble on about it here, thats what twitter is for.

By the way is anyone noticing my title pictures? I'm hunting out some oldies but goodies, just of Kristens face so we can admire the beauty. She truly is breathtaking. As always all of the outfits are on my Polyvore account unless you sent me yours from your own, here is the link:

Your Dream Kristen Outfits Part 4

Part 4 is here and we're now half way through this, slightly later today cause real life requires me to college (can't i get paid to do this?). The next 15 again are just picked randomly, some people sent me pictures of celebrities wearing dresses because the they couldn't find the dress default so if you see a red carpet picture of someone in these posts don't worry its just the clothing they are wearing thats the 'dream' outfit.

I've been getting some of the cutest e-mails from some of you guys recently just about my blog in general, its been so sweet hearing from you. So if you want to contact me and ask me anything feel free to e-mail me at i swear i don't bite. Again if you want to be a part of this just e-mail me your 'dream' outfit and i'll slot it in before the week is out (you can never have too many of these outfits).

I'm wondering so far, whats been your favourite outfits? I know i'm stumped with what you guys have sent me, we've seen such a wide variety of taste on here and its been fantastic widening the fashion boundaries for our girl. Lets hope some of these could be worn come Eclipse Promotion time. As always all of the outfits are on my Polyvore account unless you sent me yours from your own, here is the link:

Here are your next 15..................

Your Dream Kristen Outfits Part 3

So we're on our 3rd day............... how are you guys holding up? Still enjoying seeing all of these outfits? Personally it's been great for me to get involved with you guys, i've talked to so many of you now and its been fun finally 'meeting' you guys. I'm literally closing my eyes and selecting 15 outfits because well, they are all just so damn good. I've been so impressed with all the looks you guys have come up with i'm hoping we can do something like this again around Eclipse promotion time, you send me 1 outfit and we could vote for the best. I'm way ahead........ but it could be fun voting on it in the future. I would have asked you to vote on this but i was just trying this out and erm.........well there is too much to choose from, asking to pick 1 favourite outfit would be like asking do you like Kristens butt or legs better (it's just not fair). It seems like you have all enjoyed being a part of this. Would you do something like this again? Give me some feedback.

I reckon i'll be posting these everyday until around Sunday, then i have some things i want to do during the Kristen drought (i've stored some ideas away). Also i'll be doing a special Kristen birthday post on April 9th if all goes as planned so look out for it, we'll be celebrating our girls birthday in style. Also i just want to throw this in here, i've had alot of e-mails asking me to blog about clothes which both Kristen and Robert appear to 'share'......... I mentioned she wore a top of his once and jeez i got a ton of hate mail. Everytime i mention sparklefingers i get the virtual stinkeye from some readers so i'm kind of avoiding it and just keeping this blog firmly dedicated to Kristen.

Anyways i moved off topic, just wanted to make sure the e-mailers who asked know i'm not ignoring them! Again all of the sets uploaded today will be on my Polyvore account unless you sent me a set from your own personal account (is it just me or is Polyvore addictive?). Go there if you want a full breakdown of the looks posted, here is the link:

Here is your next 15 'dream' Kristen outfits..................

From @ladyglamourazzi

Your dream Kristen Outfits part 2

Another day, another set of 'dream' outfits from you. The response yesterday was phenomenal so i hope it will continue until everyones outfits have been posted. I think you'll agree with me that all the work is fantastic and everyones choices are fantastic, you people have phenomenal taste. It's great that people get to express their opinion and own personal fashion tastes here, no 2 sets look the same. Again all 15 sets today (15 today because people keep sending me more stuff) have been randomly selected by me. Thank you to every single person who took the time to send me your items, i hope i put them together nicely for you and it's been great getting to know my followers a little better. If your not happy with the way your set looks e-mail me and i'll edit it for you.

Again if you want to to submit something don't be shy, every single person is welcome and i'll post every single item sent to me! E-mail me at if you have any questions about this or the blog in general. Once again unless you sent me a set from your own personal Polyvore account then your set will be uploaded on mines. Go there if you want a full breakdown of the looks posted, here is the link:

So i've talked enough, here is you guys next 15 dream Kristen outfits enjoy........