Jimmy Fallon 16th, March 2010

So last night Kristen appeared on Jimmy Fallon, such a glittery look for her. I want to give you my honest opinion of this dress. First when i saw it i saw this....

I though 'WOW', low cut back suits Kristen. The front not so much. The problem with the fit of this dress is it is empahasising the fact that she has very little waist definition. I love the look, its young and sexy but from the front it's not as appealing to me. Please feel free to tell me to shove off :) i admire all your opinions so please leave them if you wish.

Kristen wears a grey sequin ultra mini Jasmine di Milo (thanks to @mirela_paes for sending me the link). I've attached a link to view Jasmine di Milos other collections, they are definately worth a look. Shoes wise she wears Christian Louboutin Glitter Declic Pumps. I love Louboutins on Kristen, they seem to agree with her. Her accessories were kept simple with just her Seiko watch on display (i miss chanel ring steeze).

VIEW JASMINE DI MILOS OTHER COLLECTIONS HERE: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/review/F2010RTW-JDMILO/

Jasmine di Milo Grey Sequin Mini Dress

Christian Louboutin Glitter Declic Pumps

Seiko Watch


Thanks to edwardandbella.net for the screencaps


love this dress for the fact that it show off her amazing butt.


I really don´t like the dress...and the interview with Leno was much funnier! It really made her body looking weird especially at pic 3..


I think it's a little bit too hot just for a Tv show... But she's beautiful.


Dress was ok, you're right-made her look a little thick in the middle. She is so tall with an athletic build. She should wear clothing that gives her a curvy look when she wants to dress up. Her face was gorgeous as always. What's up with the hair? Fail on hair...


Well, first I want to congratulate your amazing job and immensurable efforts to provide good and true fashion information about Kristen's look! Thank you very much *thakns Mirela, you know I luv u*
About the dress I must to say: It's beautiful, sexy and the fact that it show off Kristen's back made my admiration for this clothe grow even more.
The Loubotin fit amazingly on her, the dress looked nice as well, not that perfection I'm used to see on her beautiful body, but she looked sexy and gorgeous as always.

Sorry about the spelling mistakes, my english sucks


Like the dress, love her of course...just not sure if they are right for each other. The shoes - loooove the shoes.


Totally agree. The dress does not flatter her except for her legs - she doesn't have the most shapely arms or waist and the dress emphasizes those flaws


Like My_Odd_World said:
-"Well, first I want to congratulate your amazing job and immensurable efforts to provide good and true fashion information about Kristen's look! Thank you very much."
Such an terrific and creative job you're doing everyday.
For this dress uhmmmmm dont like it at all, it's so Sienna Miller. And her breats.. she look like a 10 years old girl with it. I know they are no huge but... I really prefer the Jason Wu Spring 2010 RTW Strapless Tulle Dress at The Twilight Saga: New Moon Movie Premiere in Knoxville or the Hervé Léger by Max Azria Resort 2010 Contrast Bandage Dress on the Conan O'brian. My opinion only :)
And also like Miss kristenstewartfashion I miss the Chanel Camélia ring, by the way it's so weird to see her without any ring on...


oooppp'ss I mean her breasts ;))))


She sure luks better in short dresses. But this one being almost nude like color make her luk naked...it luks more like a lingerie than a dress. Maybe a little jacket will give it a gud look. But no matter wat she is gorgeous as always. I know someone out there been drooling these past couple of days lollll.


I agree with you about the waist. This dress is nice, but I think she looks better in more concrete colours and maybe not so tight-fitting.
The hair and make-up are great.



A few things:
First, Kiki you are so awesome and your blog is fantastic. Second, I actually love this dress. I think it would look great on somebody w/ gorgeous dark skin, like Zoe Saldana. On Kristen, it needs color. I loved her in hot pink, and I think this dress would be absolutely amazesauce in pink, or dark green, or navy, or purple...see where I'm going with this? Yeah, in a color she would have taken home the grand prize, as is she still gets first place. Because c'mon... how many people could actually look as great as she does in this?


i think you're right. the dress doesn't flatter her, and i don't think she was comfortable wearing it. however,i loved the color against her skin and thought the sheen was divine. i also admire kristen for daring to wear such a slinky dress, something i would be mortified to do!!


SSSSSSSSEXXY !!! sEEEXXXYY! Sexxxyyyyy!!!!!!


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