Kristens Shoes Steeze

Okay here is my kind of pointless rant post, i promise i won't do one of these again i just wanted to share something with you guys. So i was talking to my friend the other day and we were discussing random stuff and i brought up Kristens red leather Jasmine Di Milo dress which she wore to SXSW. My friend looked at the 'look' and the first thing she said was 'too bad she always wears black shoes' (not in a bitchy way just stating a point). Naturally i felt the need to bring up instances where Kristen has worn coloured shoes of some kind (not flat shoes, we're talking heels) and i was stumped............literally.

So i decided to look through my posts and i mean all of the ones i have posted and you know what? Below is every occasion she has worn a heel that isn't black. Nothing wrong with black heels but Kristen should mix it up. I counted 9 occasions with coloured shoes people.................9! I am not including photshoots cause shes given the shoes to wear i am talking public appearances and here they all are for you to admire. I still love her though just wish she'd mix the shoes up a bit more.

Into the Wild Premiere - Michael Kors Red Python Pumps

Into The Wild Premiere 2007 - Brown Chanel Peep Toes

2007 - Brown Jimmy choos

Much Music 2008 - Red Stella McCartney shoes

VMAs 2009 - R&R Nika Pumps

New Moon Promotion Madrid 2009 - Red Loboutins

New Moon Promotion Paris 2009 - Nude Sergio Rossi Peep Toes

Baftas 2010 - Roger Viver Ivory Satin Platforms

Jimmy Fallon 2010 - Christian Loboutin Declic Glitter Pumps in bronze

These pics are from phtoshoots and not appearances ............ i've put them in because i'm grasping at straws here

Into The Wild Photoshoot 2007 - Marc Jacobs Bobble-Front Slingback Sandals

Interview Photoshoot 2007 - Blue Christian Loboutins

Nylon Photoshoot 2008 - Chanel Resort 2009 White Cutout Ankle Boots

Interview 2009 - Lepoard Print Christian Loboutins

Vanity Fair 2010 - Pedro Garcia satin pumps


Wow you are so right ... only 2 of those are even really "colors," I hardly count the brown, nude, gray, white ones. I agree, I would def love to see her mix it up some more. I loved the bright blue shoes she wore in a photoshoot a couple years back, I think they were Louboutins? And as much as I love the Bally pumps, they did seem like a strange choice to wear with that badass red leather dress. Hmmm.


Christian Loboutin Declic Glitter Pumps in bronze or Blue Christian Loboutins or Red Stella McCartney shoes these are my favouritesss


Personally, I prefer those black Bally Stann Platform Pumps - they are simple, classical and beautiful. But I like Red Stella McCartney shoes and R&R Nika Pumps too.



I feel she must be sticking with those black pumps becoz new shoes (and sky high heels at that)need time to break into..but ya I would like to see some new color shoes..those black ones has been going on for too long but hey, comfort is king!
She looks much to grown up in blond hair dont u think?


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I like the picture in where Kristen wear a black pant and 2007 Brown Jimmy choos, I don't know what got this women, but there's sometimes when she irradiate a incredible sensuality, and others looks like a real vampire, pale.


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