The Runaways Premiere NYC - 17th Mar, 2010

So yesterday was the premiere of 'The Runaways' in NYC. First off lets just take a moment before we discuss her steeze and talk about her hair!Lets recap:

OMG i think i died and went to heaven, a very classy updo. Her hair is getting to that length now where more can be done with it and i'm really starting to love her hair more than the longer hair (non? it just seems more mature to me than the 'twi' hair).

Anyways major steeze tonight, its like 2am so if theres mistakes i'll fix em in the evening i have to be up in 4 hours! Steeze had to be celebrated though. First off thanks to popsugar for telling us the dress is Pucci, i love Pucci so i'll attach a link and you can go admire his past collections. Kristen wears a Emilio Pucci Sequin Strapless Mini dress which btw totally makes up for the ill fitting dress on Fallon. This dress enhanced the curves she has, made her breasts look great whilst making sure we got major leg steeze. Then to top it all off, making its epic comeback to NYC is the awesome Sergio Rossi Peep Toe Pumps (New Moon NYC showing) ........ they never fail to amaze me. She also swaps her usual Chanel ring for some Sandy Leong Halo Stackable Ring With Diamonds (link included).


Sandy Leong Halo Stackable Ring With Diamonds Link:

Emilio Pucci Sequin Strapless Mini dress

Sergio Rossi Peep Toe Pumps

Sandy Leong Halo Stackable Ring With Diamonds


Love the hair & makeup. She looks great.
Love your blog, thanks!!


wow, it's like we're gettin' a glimpse of the knockout grownup kstew will be. but, hell, i think i died and went to heaven already. don't know if my li'l heart can take anymore!!!


yes, she looks really great
i am so impressed and speechless
sexy, hot, confident and just amazing


Can't wait to do the make up tutorial for this!


Awww, the hairstyle is awesome! The dress looks pretty cool.
Omg, these pumps are sooo high! Is that possible to walk in them? :D



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i love it. i hope i get that same dress for something special for me.


I wish I could have been able to go to he premiere of 'The Runaways' in NYC and see that hell of a sexy young woman and magnificent actress. I think I have a crush on her, can you blame it?


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