The Runaways Press Conference

Kristen appeared this morning for a 'Runaways' press conference. She looked fabulous in a black Herve Leroux pencil dress. She previously wore a Herve Leroux gown to the Japan premiere of 'Twilight'. No default for this dress yet, there are similar designs on the Herve Leroux website (link provided) and i have posted similar designs on my on my Twitter account.

As for accessories well we see the usual appearance of our favourite rings. Here we see the Antique 'Little Red Riding Hood' Spoon Ring, her Chanel Camélia J2940 Onyx Rose with Diamonds Ring and her Clover Two-Tone Ring. She also had on her favourite Seiko watch. Pictures later surfaced of her shoes, the Jimmy Choo Quiet Peep Toes she also wore to the Runaways L.A premiere. I was a little disappointed at this shoe choice as i was hoping to see some shoes we haven't seen before but the shoes go nicely with the dress.


Black Herve Leroux Sweetheart Neckline Pencil Dress

Jimmy Choo Quiet Peep Toes (In Black)

Antique 'Little Red Riding Hood' Spoon Ring

Chanel Camélia J2940 Onyx Rose with Diamonds Ring

Seiko Watch

Herve Leroux similar design from 2009


i have a dress exactly like this from Zara. i got it about 3-4 years ago. so glad i have it now! :D


hi! I stumbled upon ur blog and by God whenever I get bored with my work(which is a few times too many!!)I keep coming back here..I've been thru ur archives and its a fantistic job u've done here!! Totally kickass since Kstew has a superb sense of fashion I always like to see her in any events and even her casual dressing is so hip. U r doing an excellant job lady!!


Pretty dress, it suits her very well! And very nice hairstyle - I've got similar :D



like the hair ,dress ,everything
I just adore her style...


I like the dress, hair ,everything ...
just adore her style


she's so pretty here. and i like the dress.



ahhhhhh... a true classic Beauty.....

she look so mature and in a way it really suits her, clean, mature, modern and simple Kristen


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I think that best color that suits on Kristen is the black, no doubt about that! just look at these pictures, I mean she looks stunning on that black dress, I would eat her up in one bite seriously!


in my opinio is totally logic that a black dress like this suit best a girl like Kristen, well I say this because she is a perfect white girl example, the eyes become more clear and her hair look better, excellent choice Kristen stay beauty as ever, and stay away from Robert jajaja, just kidding.


I am a big fan of kristen stewart, and was delighted to find you blog.

I love her jewelry,
and have included her clover ring in my etsy shop, just thougth i'd let all the fans of the ring know :)



Hello evryone!
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This women has something really special I don't know what it is, I think it's because of the way she wears or because her personality, this woman is not beautiful enough but I'd get married with her with my eyes closed.


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