Your dream Kristen Outfits part 1

So as you know earlier in the week i asked you guys to send me your dream outfits for Kristen, first and foremost i want to thank everyone who got involved in this the response was fantastic as i got over 100 people sending me stuff. Some of you twitpic'd me, sent me e-mails with links or polyvore sets so all the sets look different. Some sets contain runaway pictures alone. I was going to seperate them into looks but i ended up with so many red carpet looks so i'm just going to upload everyones randomly, every single persons set will be uploaded so don't worry if it takes a few days before you see yours i'm just selecting them randomly. Some people sent me a few outfits so they will see their stuff pop up a few times over the next week.

Remember this is your work! Not mines so thank you for sending me all of them i've had the chance to see them all already. I will upload 14 sets a day (weird number but i want to do this over 1 week) until all have been uploaded. If you haven't sent me something and you really want something of yours to be included e-mail me at and i'll put your set in. Some of the sets have twitter names for the people that included their names in the sets some don't because people sent me stuff anonymously. As i upload them here i will upload the sets up onto my Polyvore account unless you sent me a Polyvore set from your own personal account. Here is my account:

So enjoy, here is your first 14 dream outfits you guys want to see Kristen wearing..............


Wow, so many gorgeous sets! And I love how not a single one of them is boring or expected. We all know Kristen needs something a little edgier, because she can totally pull it off! Great job to everyone!


Wow - these are amazeballs! Everyone picked such beautiful things! I can't wait to see more.

Love your blog xo


Love them! I almost sent in the exact same dress as @JessWink22, the colors remind me of the Pucci she wore to the NYC Runaways premiere, and I think this style would look fantastic on her!


I like all of them but the shorts, bodysuit, pokadot jacket, and multicolored boot. Sorry thats just not cute in any way.


Ammm... I don't like the 4, 5, 7, 10, 11 and maybe the 14, 'cause for me, they are to old for her. The others are so rock, exquisite and more fresh :)


So pretty cute Stewy outfits, now she could wear those on Eclipse promo's.


I love look #13....she would totally pull this off!


wow hoping kristen may actually get to see this page and surprise us by wearing one of these ensembles!


Wow, the set named Claire.

That girls totally looks like Kristen Stewart !!


Hehehe glad mines was chosen for the first set! :D (mines is the set that says Claire, obviously)

^ and to the anonymous above me....
I KNOW!! It does look soo much like her! That's why i was like O_O that outfit looks good on her then! LOL


can you tell me were you found that pic and the dress?
A site or something??



Here is the link she sent me with the whole shoot hope i helped x


It sure did thanks a lot !!

(My name is Claire to btw ^^)


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