The Runaways L.A Premiere

Sooooooo tonight (well it's morning for me but whatever) Kristen attended 'The Runaways' Premiere in L.A. Tell me what do you think of her outfit? Love it? Hate it? Or perhaps somewhere in between? Leave me your thoughts in the comment box bellow. Once again i want to say thank you so much to the people who visit this blog and take the time to comment the posts, i appreciate them so much and i read every single one. Also a big thank you to all of you who follow me on Twitter, i know i talk rubbish so thank you for putting up with me. Anyway moving on............

So tonight Kristen wore a Doo.Ri Pink Semi-Sheer Dress which was a different colour choice than i expect, like i always say she never fails to suprise us. What i like about the dress is the low cut back, Kristen looks really good in low cut or backless dresses. Shoes wise she wore a stunning pair of black Jimmy Choo 'Quiet' Pumps. I really like this style of shoe on her, they show off her legs in the best way. Accessories were kept especially simple tonight with just her Chanel Camélia J2940 Onyx Rose with Diamonds Ring and Antique 'Little Red Riding Hood' Spoon Ring on display. She looked absolutely stunning.

Doo.Ri Spring/Summer 2010 Collection Pink Semi-Sheer Dress

Jimmy Choo 'Quiet' Pumps

Chanel Camélia J2940 Onyx Rose with Diamonds Ring

Antique 'Little Red Riding Hood' Spoon Ring


I love the fact that Kristen chose to wear a bold color. I think she's reading your tweets and taking your advice!!! Great job on the blog. You are one dedicated girl to do this when your timezone is so different! Love you!

Lady D


Love her! she's the no matter wt she wears...but tonight she really did surprise us! n this color suits her well. she's looking stunning tonight!
p.s. thanks for the post :)


I couldn't be more pleased with Kristen's choice for tonight's premiere! The beautiful coral dress really compliments her skin and is anything but ordinary. Color? Check. Straps? Check. I'm happy.

I love your blog!


Kristen looks drop dead G O R G E O U S !
She should wear more colors :)
but damn she looks hot in anything !
This pink color suits her skin very well and just brings out everything !
absolutely stunning , likes always !


She was strikingly beautiful. Stood out from her costars. Loved her bold dress and Italian shoes!


LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress.
i love that she always wears dark colors, cause i like the contrast with her skin, but pink looks really great on her too.
the style is very kristen, but the color brings something different. its good. (:

love the blog, keep up the good work!
<3, A.


she did BIG suprise here! i think after attending oscar , she has courage to play more in her fashion style. Shocking pink! Very bold choice but totally rockss!!!!


Loved the color, loved the makeup, loved the shoes. But I don't care for the actual dress. I don't think it is particularly flattering on her (or on the runway model). It gives the 'pooch' effect, and she's so small, she clearly doesn't have one. But the color is great and her makeup is fresh and beautiful.

Love this blog!


Once again, you're a rockstar for pulling another late-nighter, that's why I love this your work! This is such an amazing look for Kristen tonight! Its the perfect blend of mind blowing hotness & breezy. Kristen killed it! I also loved that she's been very calm and happy in the past few days. So on top of her game. I need a sexy number like this.


Love KStew's ensemble for the night! Girl flat out tore it up!!

Love your blog!

Love that you're on it, and providing pics, and deets so fast!!

BTW, do you have ANY info on her nail polish color. PopSugar said she had a "gunmetal" for her fingers, and black for her toes. I want the details on that gunmetal color so I can buy it!



First of are amazing for doing this soo fast!

Second...are you gonna do her jay leno look?

And third...loved this dress, loved her nail color, but wasnt super thrilled with the shoes :/


I think Kristen looks so lovely.
I know I am only hallucinating here, but it looks like she has a bump to me.


Thank you for info on the dress.

I like it. I like this color very much and I think she wore it well. Also shoes, make-up, hair and everything was just great on her .. :)


i like the color on her. but i don't really like the cut. she has small boobies and it looks like she doesn't have one in this cut. i prefer her Oscar's gown. it accentuates her breasts.

p.s.: I like your blog. keep on the good work.


To the person who asked about nail colour, i just came across this if it helps you x


I love so much your blog and your work... I wait for your comments after every event witk Kristen. Are you going to write about Kristen´s outfit in Jay Leno show?


I usually don't like pink, but this dress is really great! She looks stunning.
Nice to see that Kristen and Joan Jett get on with each other - they look like good friends!

Hey, you don't talk rubbish! Personally, I love reading your blog and I'm very happy that I found it :)



she looked beauuuuuuuuuutiful.....

luv u for the blog


can u pls write about her leno appearance????


Hi! Love Kristens outfit to her premier., however her after party outfit seems much more her style, jeans, t-shirt and sneakers.. :) But I just can't figure out what t-shirt she's wearing., I thought perhaps you can figure it out.. I would just love it if it was a loan from our dear mr Pattinson ;)
/ twihard from Sweden :)


love love love it!
the dress is so pretty, as is the other dresses she choses to wear,
cant wait to see the runaways!



love the hot pink on kstew (surprise, huh?) and her nail/toe color but not too sure about the dress. reminds me of pink flamingos:p something i woulda never picked out for her (or myself, for that matter!!) but she manages to pull it off w/ her badazz attitude, minimal accessories, beautiful skin, and fresh makeup:)


I have small breasts like Kristen and I just wish I was as brave as her to go without a bra, I get too embarrassed! :( Lovely blog posts lately!! thank you x


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wow Kristen looks so great as usual in that sexy red dress! she is one of my favorite actresses because her unusual sexiness and hotness, and I so love your blog by the way!


I like teh dress leave just a little to imagination, I think the ring doesn't fit with the dress because the ring have a old design the ring it's like those design in ancient times.


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