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Another 'Make Up Friday' is here, can't believe this is the third week we've had this already! Todays looks will be Kristens 'Interview Magazine' 2009 look. I've actually had the pleasure of trying this look out earlier on in the week and the end result is very stunning and dramatic, i loved it.

Once again a big thanks to @Jacksonville25 for filming these videos and writing the how-to (where would i be without you?). There a 'follow' button down the sidebar of the page, go click on it if you like this and want to ask her any questions. Leave her some comments and requests.

Interview Magazine 2009

Interview Magazine Cover October 2009 How To

Things you will need
Urban Decay Face Primer Potion
L’Oreal True Match NI (Ivory)
Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion
Urban Decay shadows in “Oil Slick” & “Maui Wowie”
Benefit waterproof “Bad Gal” eyeliner
Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara

Apply the primer to your entire face, excluding the eye lids. Then apply your foundation to your chin, nose, cheeks and a tiny bit on to your forehead. Apply powder and highlighter on your cheekbones if you want to.

First, primer your eyes with the Urban Decay primer potion. Apply this on your eyelid, extending all the way up to the brow bone and underneath your eye also. Usually, with any other make up look you aren’t meant to start with the eyeliner, but in this case the eyeliner is very separate from the eye shadows so it’s okay. Start by lining your entire eye, making sure that the line is thinner towards the inner corner and thicker towards the outer corner. No smudging is required of this look, the eyeliner must stay intact.

Next, you need to apply the “Oil Slick” colour, or any black eye shadow to the eye just above the crease. Begin the line about a quarter of the way in leaving out the inner corner. Make the line quite thick, remember this is a big, dramatic look. Do not put any black shadow on your eyelid. Bring the line out and into a very dramatic cats eye flick. This should extend just past the point of your eyebrow.

Then, using the same brush and colour, thicken out the liner on your bottom lid, but do not put the colour into the inner corner. Extend the line right out to meet the flick at the outer edge of your eye. Go over these steps as many times as you feel is necessary until you get the desired effect. Then take the “Maui Wowie” colour and apply it to the eye lid only. Next apply your masacara and the look is complete!

Hope you enjoyed it!


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