Your dream Kristen Outfits part 2

Another day, another set of 'dream' outfits from you. The response yesterday was phenomenal so i hope it will continue until everyones outfits have been posted. I think you'll agree with me that all the work is fantastic and everyones choices are fantastic, you people have phenomenal taste. It's great that people get to express their opinion and own personal fashion tastes here, no 2 sets look the same. Again all 15 sets today (15 today because people keep sending me more stuff) have been randomly selected by me. Thank you to every single person who took the time to send me your items, i hope i put them together nicely for you and it's been great getting to know my followers a little better. If your not happy with the way your set looks e-mail me and i'll edit it for you.

Again if you want to to submit something don't be shy, every single person is welcome and i'll post every single item sent to me! E-mail me at if you have any questions about this or the blog in general. Once again unless you sent me a set from your own personal Polyvore account then your set will be uploaded on mines. Go there if you want a full breakdown of the looks posted, here is the link:

So i've talked enough, here is you guys next 15 dream Kristen outfits enjoy........


Love @Jesswink22. Her choices are FAB.
I agree - the fans/readers of your blog have phenomonal taste and choices.
I would kill to see K in these outfits.


I am LOVING all these outfits!! Is there a way once they are all posted to let people vote on their faves? Although that might be too hard, I like so many of them!


Thanks Laura!


I see Porenza Schouler!!! *licks screen*


Waouh 3 of my suggestions have been put on set!!!!!!!!!!!
So glag , thank you @Kstew fahion


i love the Burberry dress and Gucci dress and shoes


I love the Burberry dress and Gucci dress and shoes...


Um LOL I think Rob might vote for thay last one with the zipper, LOL


those are some bad ass clothes and the shoes wow!


i love like literally almost all of them...i would literally die to see her in the first dress, and the fifth "before" part of the outfit...


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