House Hunting March 23rd 2010

Hello all, i have had the longest day ever today but i won't bore you with details. I figured i'd post this before i go to sleep tonight. I have a semi ranting post coming tomorrow and you'll see what its about. Anyways a few corrections to the previous post have been made, check them out if you wish. It seems that we are about to perhaps enter a Kristen drought with no public appearances coming up but i have a few goodies for you coming up to get you through the pain so stick with me.

So yesterday Kristen was spotted house hunting yet she told paps she wasn't looking for a house. I guess she's not going to point to a house and say 'yes i'm buying this' to them because then they'd camp outside it. She looks so happy and cute i love seeing her with a big smile on her face. I have to say i was laughing about the Members Only jacket people were debating who it belonged to last night. All i have to say on the jacket is it looks huge on her and i wasn't liking it much. Topic closed.

So Kristen wore a 'Members Only' Vintage Jacket apparently (zac efron is a fan too maybe they're matching for their supposed movie together or is it too early to make jokes?)and her Recession Skinny Ink Denim Jeans which i am in love with. If i wore jeans like that i'd split the seam moving around, i am officially jealous of those legs. She wears a Market - Milla Boyfriend Tee (the link to see the tee is in the previous post) she seems to have a few of these in many colours. Shoes wise she wears her Vintage Pacific Express Tennis Shoes which she must have had for years, she seems fond of them. Accessories wise we see her favourite Seiko watch in place along with her Mont Blanc Sunglasses. An overall cute comfortable look in my opinion.

'Members Only' Vintage Jacket (i've put a few members only jackets here just for you guys to look at)

Recession Skinny Ink Denim Jeans

Market - Milla Boyfriend Tee

Vintage Pacific Express Tennis Shoes

Seiko Watch

Mont Blanc Sunglasses


Looks like the previous Sandy Leong - Halo Stackable Rings With Diamonds that she wore to the Runaways premieres in NYC and SXSW. The pic have been posted on those posts.


I like her outing outfit...its wat i wud wear myself casually. And to hv u to let us know wat brand izzit just make our life simpler. Thanx a million.
And yeah we'll be a little bit drought on Kristen after this till Eclipse comes out. Maybe i tot u cud bring out the blast from her past...stuff that we havent seen yet. I know u'll suprise us somehow. Gud job and gud luck :-)


yeah and what about that ring she keeps wearing since RW premier in LA????


Cool glasses again, I want them :D
I like those clothes. Maybe because I like grey very much!
Uhhh, I wish she stoped smoking...



By the way, I love your new banner! :)



Can I know the price of the POP Vintage Leather Hooded Bomber Jacket. I love it.


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The jacket she is wearing is pop boutique,

I have the same one - I actually had it before her - i have a thing for guys clothes - mine is a small and i'm a little bigger than K but i would say she prob has the small too going by how it sits on me and sits on her. mine sits a little akwardly aswell cos its a guys jacket and its meant to be fitted.

I was amazed to see this pic. her one is black like the guys in the photo it jsut looks a little diffiren in diffirent light.


ohh an add to my bit before

it isnt an actual mmeber only one - the colour is almost hte same shade as the guy in the pic but it isnt actaully MO. its jsut a very identical copy!


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