Kristen at JFK and LAX Arrival

So Kristen was spotted at the airport leaving New York today after a few days there. She looks comfortable and casual as she makes her way back to L.A. Remember we get Runaways promotion soon and the Oscars so lots to look forward to these next few weeks.

Here Kristen wears some lovely Denim of Virtue 3014 Shredded Patience Tapered Leg Jeans. Her top is borrowed from Mr Pattinson himself and it is a John Varvatos Star USA Henley Long Sleeved Tee. She keeps comfortable in Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Monochrome Lo Sneakers. Accessories wise we see the usual appearance of her favourite Seiko SJB880 Watch, her Antique 'Little Red Riding Hood' Spoon Ring and her favourite Chanel Camélia J2940 Onyx Rose with Diamonds Ring. To finish the whole look of Kristen wore some Ray-Ban RB2143 Wayfarer II Sunglasses and carried her Nike All Access Lair Backpack.

Denim of Virtue 3014 Shredded Patience Tapered Leg Jeans

John Varvatos Star USA Henley Long Sleeved Tee

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Monochrome Lo Sneakers

Seiko SJB880 Watch

Antique 'Little Red Riding Hood' Spoon Ring

Chanel Camélia J2940 Onyx Rose with Diamonds Ring

Ray-Ban RB2143 Wayfarer II Sunglasses

Nike All Access Lair Backpack


Upon arrival at LAX Kristen wore a Alternative Apparel the Champ L/S Eco-Fleece Raglan to keep warm and some snuggly BDG Cable Knit Armwarmers.

Alternative Apparel the Champ L/S Eco-Fleece Raglan

BDG Cable Knit Armwarmers


she looks phenomenal.


I love her and style!


She always looks perfect and totally natural! *sighs*
Luv her! *and your blog as well*


I forgot how much I loved your blog, it's been awhile since I last visited. I like how you break everything down and label everything so we can try and replicate as much as possible. Kristen looked amazing all weekend and rocked leaving the big apple. Wearing Rob's shirt was too cute.


He wore this shirt last night:

soooo cute!


I like to think Kristen and Rob sometimes share clothing to keep a part of the other with them when they can't be together. I'm hardly a romantic at heart, but I have to admit the thought of that makes me melt a bit.


Love, love that she swiped his shirt. Is there anyway to add prices to the pics of the pieces?


Aww, imagine the Robscent on that shirt after a night o' partyin'. Boo partings are such sweet sorrow. Sad to see them heading to opposites end of the globe today. Until they meet again!

Totally LOVE the blog! Such fast trackers.


Wouldn't you want your gorgeous boyfriend's scent around you if you have to separate for a while? She's awesome. They're awesome.


Totally agree about the scent...having been in a couple of long (and one ultra long) distance relationships, I've been there. Always stole clothing when parting. I really hope they make each other as happy as it seems to an outsider looking in - those two deserve it.

And yeah, Kristen is a badass. Love her style.


ahhh so friggin loverly! it's rob's "remember me" shirt, in every sense of the term lol.

i pray this couple outlasts the instability of a hollywood relationship


Kristen totally rocks..........I luv Robsten and hope they really enjoyed their time together.............until they meet again hopefully not too far in the future....


We'll be watching............


So happy for them that they had a chance to be together these two.


Swoon, my heart just melted a little more. I love these 2 together!!! They are saying we are together without saying it. Love Robsten!!!


I love her. She looks hot.


what a cool blog!!!! Thank you!!!!


i love her style,she 's beautiful!!!


thank u sooo much for this blog...its really great!!!!!!......& absolutely luuuv kstew


Kristen looks nice.


That's not Rob's shirt.Give it up already with the bullshit.


I love everyone getting their say but to the person who said its not robs shirt.......... yes it is unless rob and kristen shop together and buy the exact same size and make of clothing. I couldn't give a shit if robsten are together but the fact he wore the EXACT same make and size of shirt the night before you need to get a grip and be realistic. I don't care about Robsten, Nonsten, crapsten, rapsten whatever the fuck people are arguing over these days. This is a Kristen blog i report what shes wearing and its his shirt this is a FACT get over it it cause it is what it is. Peace out.


Haters gonna hate. Nothing you can do about it. I think there are a lot of Nonstens who are flashing back to that time when it wasn't obvious that they dated, when it was more 50/50 chance of them being together, and the Robstens were always saying, "Is that Rob's shirt? Is that Rob's jacket? Is that Rob's whatever?" and it never was.

But it is TOTALLY his shirt, and I think they are awesome--together or apart. (But hopefully together!)


Is that photo of Rob wearing the henley from the Remember Me set? It looks like he just got in a fistfight! Hope that's just makeup ...


She looks cool, I love the glasses and the Sneakers <3
Aww, she looks perfect even in men's clothes!



I am in lurve with the arm warmers. Amazeballs. And the Alternative Apparel shirt too. Looks so comfy. I hear their clothes are great.


This is perfect because I was waiting for something like this, I'm glad fashion is now inspired in Kristen's clothes I mean not only because her clothes but also because she's so beautiful.


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