The Oscars 2010

So tonight was the Oscars in which both Kristen and Taylor made an appearance. Tell me what do you think of Kristens outfit? Love it? Hate it? Or not quite sure?

I think she looked stunning! I was hoping she chose a mermaid silhouette because it compliments her figure and gives her phenomenal curves! Kristen wore a Monique Lhuillier Gathered Strapless Gown which was custom made for her because of this there is no default picture of the gown on its own. Monique Lhuillier showed a similar style in her Fall 2009 bridal collection that featured a larger skirt in a more bridal-appropriate hue. I've included a picture just to show you the bridal gown in comparison.
Kristen toned down her usual accessories and only wore one simple (yet blingtastic) H.Stern Marquis 18Kt White Gold and Diamond Bracelet. The bracelet is of course borrowed as is most Oscar jewellery, the bracelet itself is worth $224k.
She wore the 'Amantea' sandal with criss-cross ankle straps in black satin from Bally (i guess Bally is fast becoming one of her favourite shoe brands). I didn't personally see Kristen shoes this information came from a tweet 'Kristen Stewart paired her Monique Lhuillier gown with the "Amantea" sandal with criss-cross ankle straps in black satin from Bally' via @imnotobsessed.

Monique Lhuillier Gathered Strapless Gown

Monique Lhuillier Fall 2009 bridal collection (similar style/detail)

H.Stern Marquis 18Kt White Gold and Diamond Bracelet

Bally Amantea Crisscross Ankle Strap Sandals (worn in satin)


Oh yes she's the best !


Did she wear the same shoes to the Elle UK Awards with that Pucci dress?


she is so beautiful! :D


You're a Effin RockStar for staying up til 3am to do this post, Love U! Kristen looks to stunning. This is what Bella's deep blue prom dress should've looked like. And just because this was a custom design that turned out amazing. I am really hoping that they go with a Monique Lhuillier design for Bella's Wedding dress (the Monique Lhuillier sketch was the best anyway). Loving the simple accessories and the Ballys are classic. - StarBaby


i love love love! i normally don't expect anything for her to do to entertain me but she always always come to surprise me pleasantly. that is why i love the girl. in my eyes, she sizzles every time.


btw, i also love love the fact that she's representing my fellow filipino-american genius of a designer. great collaboration lhuistew!


phenomenal! simply breathtaking!


Absolutely love it! I thought the fit was perfect, the color so rich and it showed off her beautiful skin and I thought it was a very wise decision to have her hair up like that.

When Kris walked on stage I held my breath. In my opinion she was simply breathtaking!


stunning..she exceeded my expectation tonight.. dress suited her body well and she posed great compare to previous red carpet events


From what i understand the dress was made specifically for her. That was a gread idea because it was just so ight on her. Her curve was underline. It was great a bit egdy and at the same time classic. Really modern but at the same time like it was for any time. Great choice kristen and her stylist. Thank you Monique you put our girl in her best look until today.


Love it!!!


Omg, I was sooo happy when I saw her on the Red Carpet - she looked absolutely gorgeous! Love her hair and the dress fits her very well <3



LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes! But if I were standing on the red carpet and moving around, I would have taken the shoes off, too! Beauty can be painful! hehe


The dress was well matched to silhouette, pointing out the beauty of the color that well corresponded with her pale skin.


love u for the blog.....& love kristen for her style & for who she is......


im quickly becoming addicated to your blogs! kristen looks too good to be true, and the dress is absoultely phenomanal! so were the bracelet and shoes but i really cant get over the dress, and to think people thought she would look good, pft she always looks good :) x


I love your blog, I find myself checking it daily. I love, love, love this look on her. Breath taking!!


I was just wondering... does she ever wear earrings?


The designer needs to do Bellas wedding dress for Breaking Dawn it will look amazing on Kstew like the gown looked on her at the Oscars !!!!! Hint Hint Summit and designer.


Monique Lhuiller needs to design Bellas wedding dress for the big wedding scene in Breaking Dawn !!!!!!


kRISTEN LOOKED STUNNING AT THE Oscars i hope Rob knows how lucky he is Kristen always stands out any where shes amazing inside and out !!!!!!


amazing !!!you are beautiful!!!GO KRISTEN!!!!!!


superrrr!!!i love it!!But you think and i think you are so beautiful!! please think that you dress!!


to me this is the perfect look for Kristen, that black dress and that bracelet are awesome, in a previous post you show some photos of this beauty girls with a gold pants, that look is no so good as this.


Beautiful that black dress. I would like it a little shorter in the length. Would look much more sexy.


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