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When i first started this blog some of my older posts were not of a good quality so after a few days of trolling through them non stop i can now tell you all 132 posts have been updated. Some have just been fixed and others completely redone.

I'd like to say thank you to everyone who helps me with this blog, people help me find stuff on twitter and the stuff i get myself. I'd also like to say thanks to , and for providing info and pictures as well (great sites check em out if you haven't already!). As i have always said my main sources are on the sidebar i do not intend to get into an arguement with some people about this. I don't put them in every post because they are permanently on the sidebar they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. I respect everyone who helps me keep this blog going.

Thank you also to everyone who follows me on twitter and to everyone who visits this blog and comments it is greatly appreciated more than you think.


I love you! :)


What would we do without you Kiki! I love reading your blog about Kristen's fashion. You rock!!

Lady D


We should be thanking you do for all your hard work. I know you stay up really late or get up so you can watch a premiere or event and post what Kristen's wearing for all of your faithful viewers! Please keep doing a great job! I love this page.


I love you're blog

you rock!


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