Who Wore It Better?

Back in March Kristen was pictured leaving her appearance on Regis & Kelly after promoting 'The Runaways' in a gorgeous pair of Bird by Juicy Couture Leather Stretch Leggings. You can purchase these leggings on Net-A-Porter here: http://tiny.cc/d5wh3.

Rachel Bilson was pictured wearing these leggings leaving the Vanity Fair T-Shirt Launch Party last year.

Who do you think wore it better? It's a hard one for me as i adore both looks.

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Kristen Stewart

Rachel Bilson

Credits: Net-A-Porter, Just Jared & Kstewartfans


hands down kstew. truth be told, there's just no contest.


it looked better on kristen because her legs always looked very longish :)
the other girl she looked shorter, her body proportion isn't as nice as KS ... so her legs looked a bit on the big side in those pants ...
her face looked a bit weird too, like she done something unnatural to it ..


In my opinion Kristen wore it better, though Rachel looks pretty nice.



Oh, by the way, Kiki, I'm so sorry about your leg! Hope you'll be fine soon :). Hugs!



i love u!(kristen stewart))

es hermosisisma!!


Kristen has killer legs. No one waers leggings better than her.



Kristen photograph is very flattering...her legs look really long. Even Rachel looks nice but the angle of the photo is not so good. + the fitting seems a little off...so Kristen it is :)


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