Who Wore It Better?

Alexander Mcqueen fall 2009

This weeks 'Who Wore It Better?’ includes one of my favourite look from the Alexander McQueen Fall 2009 Collection. The stunning black mermaid style gown includes one asymmetric strap over the shoulder.

Both Kristen and Lady GaGa have graced this gown in magazine prints. Kristen for her November 2009 issue of Harper's Bazaar in a spread with Robert Pattinson to promote New Moon and Lady GaGa for a spread in Vogue UK.

I think you’ll agree both are very dramatic looks for me GaGa has the edge.

Who do you think wore it better?

Vote Below.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Harpers Bazaar

Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa Vogue


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Sorry, Lady Gaga, but Kristen's wearing it while standing next to Rob! 'Nuff said. ; )


While I enjoy the gown on Kristen (and her drool worthy accessory), the Vogue photographer made the dress look amazing.


A difficult decision. Thx Kiki :)


Can you make a new contest on Polyvore soon? :)


this one, was a little hard but like the others are saying, Rob makes the decission easier !


I'm sorry but Lady Gaga looks amazing. I think the dress is too dramatic for KS and it looks heavy on her. But they both look better than the model (top pic) who just looks INSANE (and not in a good way).


whatever....in my cause kris is better


Lady Gaga. I don't care if Kristen is standing next to Rob the dress is too much for her body. The dress owns her where as when Lady Gaga is wearing it she owns the dress.

Plus, it's just such a Gaga outfit :P


I don't see it so much as a matter who wore it better. That picture of Gaga is just too good from an artistic standpoint to compete.


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