Who Wore It Better?


This weeks ‘Who Wore It Better?’ is the battle of the photoshoots. We should expect Kristen to finish filming ‘On The Road’ within several weeks as pre-production for Breaking Dawn begins in October. For now there is no new sightings to report.

I’ve selected this Chanel Fall 2008 Collection Strapless Lace Ruffled Dress which has been worn by Kristen in a photoshoot for Vanity Fair. This appears to be a favourite look by most fans and was paired with some black Converse All Star High Top Sneakers. Both Claudia Schiffer (sporting a dark bob) and Rachel Bilson have also worn this dress during shoots for different magazines.

All three women bring something different to the look and make it their own, i think they all look fantastic. Who do you think wore it better?

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Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer Chanel

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Chanel 3

Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson Chane;


Credits: style.com

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They all looks great. But Kris is the best;-)


claudia is gorgeous. but i like how kristen paired the dress with converse not many girls do that! and she looks stunning. don't really like rachel. so kristen looks the best.


kristen by far looks the bestt. and yah know robs headd in her crotchh makes it even better;)


as fun as these posts are, the poll is completely pointless really. this is a kristen blog and 90% of the fans will vote for her whether she's the best or not, just because they're kristen fangirls, it's not exactly a fair vote.

i mean, come on, kristen wins by a landslide every time and there's no way she wears every single thing better than every other celeb that happens to wear the same (like this time for example - the dress doesn't look bad on kristen, but it doesn't suit her either, it doesn't suit her body type and the converse are very cutesy-trying-to-be-different but that doesn't mean they look that great, rachel however looks classy and beautiful in the dress and it fit her perfectly).


I agree that the polls are ridiculously biased.

And I also liked the Converse, but it's unlikely that she was actually the one who chose to pair them with this dress, since the clothes/shoes for shoots like these are chosen by stylists and directors for the magazine. So I can't give her credit for that.

I do love this dress to death. I would buy it in a hot second if I could afford it.


That's all these polls are - fun. I'm aware Kristen wins most but it's fun to show variety and other people wearing the same clothing as her. I don't agree that she wears everything better than everyone but it's simply fun and a way to fill out a time when there is no news or sightings.


oh, i know the posts are fun - the idea of the post is awesome and i love it, i just meant that the poll aspect of it is a little silly because most of the readers and people voting are biased. basically:

the post comparing same outfits on different people = awesome
the poll = completely pointless


could you do a make up tutorial on this look????


Erm what the fuck people?
This is her blog and she can do whatever she wants with it lol


I just came across a picture of Kate Hudson wearing this dress too!


once again another photo shoot, I'm surprised nobody has worn this gorgeous dress in public!


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