Bella Swan Dream Wedding Dress Competition Is Officially On!


Here is your chance to submit your dream Bella Swan Wedding dress looks. Whenever we read the book everyone pictures a different look for Bella on her special day. This is your chance to show us your creativity. This contest will last 4 weeks so there is plenty of time for as many submissions as possible. I’m aware several of you don’t have Polyvore so if you would like to enter and don’t have an account simply email me (  a scan of a sketch, a picture board or look book and I'll include it in the contest.

For more information on the contest you can check the original post HERE and to join the Kristen Stewart Fashion Polyvore Group click HERE.

Spread the word. Winners will be announced here on the Kristen Stewart Fashion Blog in 4 weeks time.

Credits: Lela Rose ‘Bella Wedding Dress’ sketch courtesy of, all images belong to their original owners.

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This one is ok..I do picture the dress with a high neckline but Im not convinced this is it.


the book says it has long sleeves... this one doesn't. needs to be just like the book describes


its hard to find long sleeves wedding dress, the fashion designer dont do that a lot... but this is a cute one i guess here is my submission ...


Please, lets not have a literal interpretation of the wedding dress. Just make it beautiful. Long sleeves..ugh. No!


I don't know what your problem is with long sleeves. My mothe wore a wedding dress with sheer lace sleeves and it was beautiful. And where they live is cold. It only makes sense or she'd have to wear a jacket over her wedding dress and that would look silly.


No, it does not need to be how the book describes. Let that go. Not everything has to be exactly like the book. The Cullen home is a completely different home than what was described in the book. And, Edward is wearing a cream turtleneck in the book, not once did Edward don any turtlenecks. Make the dress beautiful..enough with the gross literal interpretations. Keep it simple and beautiful.


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