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Kristen appeared on Regis & Kelly to promote ‘Welcome to the Riley's’ looking stunning in a Dior plaid dress from the Resort 2011 Collection. She topped off the phenomenal look with some red Giuseppe Zanotti Platform Pumps. Watch the interview below.

Is this your favourite look over the last week?

Christian Dior Resort 2011 Collection Plaid Dress

christian-dior-resort-2011-top-weave-plaid-dress-profile shoes 7

Giuseppe Zanotti Platform Pumps (Kristen wears in red)

Giuseppe Zanotti Platform Heels  shoes 7

Credits:, Cortni @ Coolspotters, youtube

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Not a fan of the hair or the dress, really.

Those shoes, on the the other hand, are AMAZING.


Kristen looks uh-maze-ing! I think her style has grown to be more mature over the years. But I will love her no matter what she wears!


Wow. she looks gorgeous! The dress suits her perfect. And she is using this fantastic red tone again.


I'm not so sure about this look. The dress is quite nice but I don't really like the updo and the pumps. But Kristen herself is pretty as always :)



The dress is soooooo short! I can't believe she feels comfortable..that's what I liked about the Leno look, comfortable and relaxed


If you look at the whole collection its pretty impresive that they found a Kristen-esq outfit at all. Very vintage Barbie inspired


This is definitely my favourite look over the week, I love the hair (specially the hair!) and the dress. And the shoes is AMAZING, perfect choice!

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i think this Dress has been modified for kristen cause it looks a little baggy on the model while its very slim, skinny and extra short on Kristen

the red choose is really new :)


YOU MUST FIND OUT ABOUT THE SUNGLASSES SHE WAS WEARING AFTER, the clear ones with the green tinted glass, rob wore them also a while back, they are prob his. where are they from?????? find out, its mandatory!!


Love the hair and shoes...Hmmm, dress not so much but she still looks gorgeous...Omg, she seemed extremely nervous (maybe uncomfortable) during the interview...Awww, I love Kristen!!! :P



one word : LEGS!! :)


I really love the fresh look of her makeup. She never really needs much to look beautiful.


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