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Kristen appeared on Jay Leno last night to promote 'Welcome To The Rileys'. She looked stunning in a Bird by Juicy Couture Tail Blazer along with some Juicy Couture Leggings which you can purchase HERE for $107. Her graphic Geronimo Tank Top is by Make Believe.She completed her look with some fabulous Christian Louboutin Zhora Pumps which she previously wore in her shoot for Elle US earlier this year. Also if you are interested Kristen was wearing Beaute lady stardust gloss, Chanel shadow duo in taupe and YSL mascara during this appearance.

BIRD by Juicy Couture Brambling Wool Tweed Luisa Blazer

BIRD by Juicy Couture Brambling Wool Tweed Luisa Jacket Bird_Tail_Blazer

Juicy Couture Ponte Straight Leggings

1104001-p-DETAILED juicy_couture_leggings

Make Believe Geronimo Tank Top

Make_Believe_Geronimo_Tank_Top Make_Believe_Geronimo_Tank_Top_pic_2

Christian Louboutin Zhora Pumps

Christian_Louboutin_Zhora_Pumps_1Christian_Louboutin_Zhora_Pumps_2 Christian_Louboutin_Zhora_Pumps_3

shoes Leno shoes

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The shoes - sky-high wow. And she can walk with them ... And her hair looks fabulous. But best of all she looks happy, seems to be relaxed and comfortable. She isn`t nervous and laughing the whole time.


yeah...she actually expressed that she'd rather wear her sneakers but she thought the fans wouldn't like it in the backstage interview. i love kristen!


Her fans love whatever she does, as this site shows - she always wins the "Who wore it better?" even if she didn't necessarily wear it best. She could wrap herself in toilet paper and come out in bunny slippers and her fans would think it was brilliant. I doubt she has to worry about wearing heels for them.


At above comment ^ Hahah! I think you just described Lady Gaga's next outfit.. But you're totally right, Kristen looks fab in anything and fans love it.


I love her outfit here, especially the Bird by Juicy Couture Tail Blazer. And her hair looks fantastic. Do you know or does anyone from you know how to make such hair volume? Does it depend on cosmetics or something else?

To the one who wrote a comment as Anonymous on
12 October 2010 10:23:
Personally I believe that the real fans of Kristen can see not onle her advantages, but also her failures. In my opinion she usually deserves to win the "Who wore it better?". I vote for her nearly every time because I think the clothes look on her completly different than on the another people. She doesn't only WEAR them, but also adapts them to her - not her to them. She's got her specific style and she seems never to opt out of it.



@Lumirose I totally agree! Kristen has her own style and she obviously owns it, but she does- not much- her fashion fails...


kstew is perfect! :)


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