Get Kristen Stewart's Look with Goddiva

I was sent this link via e-mail and thought some of you may appreciate me sharing this information with you. For those of you looking to copy or replicate Kristen’s style for less have a look at this post.


stripes stripes 2

Steal her style with this Irregular Striped Panel Dress (£32)


lace 1 lace 2 lace 3

Lace Shift Dress (£10) Suede Effect Shoes(£25) to channel ‘Old Hollywood’ Kristen-style


body con 1 body con 2

 Contrast Body Con Dress (£14)


paris 1 paris 2 paris 3

Tulip Dress (£42) AM to PM Red Soled Peep Toe Stilettos (£25)


NYC 1 NYC 2 nyc 3

Corsage Mini Dress (£36) AM to PM Red Soled Peep Toe Stilettos (£25)


rome 1 rome 2

Corsage Bar Rafaeli Dress (£40)

Thank you to Goddiva for sending me this information for you folks. All pictures are copyright to their original owners.

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Wow, they're pretty nice. And quite cheap. I like the Tulip Dress and the Corsage Bar Rafaeli Dress. But personally, if I wanted to buy a dress, I'd rather try them on first. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us! :)



Wow, just geat! Love it. Thanks for the inputs


Nice dress... thanks for posting.


what about the wedding dress contest anything u found interesting ? u just dont mention it anymore!!


I bought the tulip dress last week it's beautiful. itz not white though. but all these dresses are cute.


i hate kristen stewart droughts!


I love zebra dress :)


I beg your pardon. If you hate Kristen then why the hell do you read this blog and write comments? Like we, fans, cared about what you, her hater, have to say. I know, everyone can show his point of view but, however, imo it's absolutely RUDE to show SUCH point of view HERE. Especially without any argument.
Thanks for the attention.




chabad_fishbiscuit_770 said they hated Kristen Stewart droughts, not Kristen as a person.. as in a drought of Kristen not being around, no pics, etc.. Hope that clears it up :)



Oh, that explains everything, thanks. Sorry for misunderstanding, my apologies :). I just used to that some people come here and write rude comments and maybe I'm a little bit oversensitive to that...



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