Filming Breaking Dawn, Rio de Janeiro, November 7

Kristen was spotted in full Bella Swan attire filming what appears to be honeymoon scenes for Breaking Dawn.

Kristen wore a vintage sheath sleeveless dress which was paired with a black patent bow belt. The look was completed with some black suede Michael Kors Greenwich Pumps.

I think you’ll agree this is a mature look for Bella but i find myself adoring this sophisticated look. Thoughts?

Vintage Sheath Dress with Black Patent Bow Belt

 dress 7


Michael Kors Greenwich Pumps

MICHAEL Michael Kors Greenwich Pumps shoes 8

Credits:, popsugar

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I love this look! It definitely compliments Kristen's hair and skin. I loved the red/blonde hair, but I do still like the brunette locks.


Wow. I`m so excited to see all the looks of bella in breaking dawn. It looks beautiful. The color of her dress contrast very beautiful with her hair. It seems like they decided to return to a more curly hairstyle in BD. I love it.


Wow, she looks beautiful, the outfit is awesome.


I love it..especially with the belt!!!


I want this dress. Is this frm fall 10 or 11?


she looks so elegant and pretty in this dress. its a simple dress but she makes look so classy


It's awfully mature for Bella, so I don't know.

The outfit on its own is lovely, though. The belt really pulls it all together.


well, they are supposed to be on their honeymoon but still, Bella is only 18...Michael Kors at 18? C'mon...


you gotta remember though... in the book, it's alice that packs bella's bag & dresses her b4 & after wedding.. & meyer describes alice as having very expensive & fashionable taste

I do love this dress... it's classic style... they even make this style for babies, kids, & teens... looks just like the dress i got for my honeymoon, but mine's burgandy


It felt a bit odd at first but Kristen pulled it off beautifully. Just praying the wedding dress follows suit. Please, Summit: we BEG you!


I like the dress, it's a bit mature, but Bella is known to be an old soul and she's married, so i think it's ok to be a bit more mature. The belt gives it the girly youthfulness that makes it work. it's a nice progression from her green frilly 18th b-day dress. plus Alice dressed her, and we know Alice like Michael Kors since she wore a MK coat in Italy in NM. MK is the king of Jet Set American style after all, it's pretty fitting.


is that Louis Vuitton Luggage Edward is putting into the boat?


i love the look... n according to the book... alice put the look together not bella... so i am pretty impressed !


Love the look! She is so stylish!
About her hair.. is she wearing extensions? I dont recall her having so long hair a couple of weeks ago..


I love Kristen look!!


She's worn either extensions or a wig for every movie so far, and yes, she has them in BD as well.


that is not the dress


Hi,I like to much dress and bit mature.I am so excited to see all the looks for all the dresses.
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there are now new pictures from brazil... white bikini! wow!!! i like the one with the bow on the top better... but, wow


This dress really shows off Kristen's figure - something so simple and fitted looks great on her slim frame, and she doesn't have a lump or bump to be seen! To be honest this photo brings up what makes me uncomfortable about the later stages of the Twilight saga, though. Is Bella's progress from sneakers, jeans and flannel shirts to sleek sheath dresses and pumps an organic development of her own character, or is it conforming to the tastes and practices of her fiance's family, on the grounds that she must adopt Edward's style in order to appeal to him, or that the Cullens' jet set style is 'better'? In allowing his sister to dress her according to the sister's taste, it feels to me as if she is subsuming her own identity in his/theirs.
Just my rather strong reaction to the fate of fictional characters! :) Loved Bella and Edward's relationship in most of Twilight, totally don't like the way it's handled later in the saga. Also happen not to like the American jet set style either, so this was never going to work for me! Rant over now!


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