Makeup Update

Hey guys! I'm so sorry for the lack of videos recently. I've been super busy with deadlines but I'm hoping to have a video for you this weekend. And for all you Emma Watson fans, I'm going to be doing a whole string of videos on her makeup looks from the HP7 promotional whirlwind with the help of Kiki who will be covering the fashion side of things! For those who want to check those videos and fashion breakdowns when they're posted, head over to the Emma Watson Fashion Blog ( There are loads of videos I want to do for Emma, unfortunately that means my Kristen videos will be taking a back seat for a while after this week, but we haven't really seen much of Kristen lately apart from Breaking Dawn set pics so I'm hoping you guys won't hate me! Thanks for the concerns,you're all incredibly sweet. I have no idea what I'd do without you! Ok, now I'm getting super cheesy so I'm gonna go. Love you all! Bye!! xxxx


Kristen looks hot on that picture!!!
Love the hair...
I like her better with dark hair...
But she is a natural beauty and she can rock any style and color...
Love her!!!


There are a lot fashion news on Kristen If you are fan... ;)

I am not Potter fan so that means bye to this site for me.


ok anonymous over there, that was kinda rude...


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