Filming Breaking Dawn,Rio de Janeiro, November 13, 2010

Kristen Stewart was spotted filming some beach and water scenes yesterday for Breaking Dawn part 1.

I simply adore both swimwear looks.  Let me know your thoughts.


Kristen wore a white Susana Monaco U-Ringed Bikini set. I adore the cut and fit of this bikini complements her shape extremely well.

Susana Monaco White U-Ringed Bikini Set

Susana Monaco U Ring Bikini  bella bikini 2


The second bikini look however, is my favourite. Kristen wore a stunning white ASOS Mix & Match Hipster Bikini Brief paired with a Mix & Match Moulded Bikini Top. You can purchase the briefs in pink or violet HERE for $13.79 along with the top HERE for $20.69.

ASOS Mix & Match Hipster Bikini Brief and Moulded Bikini Top

bikini brief Moulded Bikini Top

bella bikini 1

Credits: Coolspotters, ASOS, Fanpop


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Love both the bikins on Kristen... also the green and white looks great on her. I will be there too soon in my own bikini, as Kristen has inspipred to change myself, but its been a process for me, but would like to say Thanks to Kristen.... I hope someday to meet her and share her my story, as an idividual here.


Kristen has perfect body!


Honestly, Im not a huge fan of the first bikini, the second one though I think looks fantastic. Kristen has a killer body.
Im wondering why they decided to go white, with both bikinis...


Lovely, even tough she is someone that is flat like a pancake with a boyish body. Love her!


She doesn't have a great body but I love the second bikini. It has a cup and doesn't make Kristen look flat.


The first one is nice but looks big on her, both
the top and the bottom. The ASOS one (who would know?!)fits beautifully, though. And flattering for her body type. Go wardrobe department! Quite a difficult task this one.


First one doesn't fit her at all. And it's white, so we can see a line between her legs! Even on this small low quality pic.
Second one reminds me of mine circa 1995.
From all beautiful colors and designs they chose this one. Why I'm not surprised? It's Summit people here making decision. Remember NM Edward's tweed pants and jacket? Ugly brown shoes that are making reappearance in BD? How old are those people?


Oh, and is Summit trying to save some bucks on Bella's bikini? Come on, $13.79 and $20.69? Please.
Alice do not approve!


Kristen looks great but the second bikini looks better on her...It doesn't make her look flat chested...Love her!!! and I bet Robert was having a good time watching Kristen in a bikini!!! Love them both ^-^


The first one looks awful. Her chest looks bizarre, she looks stocky, and the bottoms are very see-through.

The second one is much better, though it does look a bit cheap and the top is quite obviously giving her some lift.

I don't know why they went for white, unless they're going for some statement on Bella's purity or something weird like that. It's just not terribly flattering.


People have got to stop saying Kristen is flat chested. Even so, this shows that Kristen is not afraid to show and love her body for what it is, not like other Hollywood bitches who go for boob jobs. If you have nothing nice to say then just don't say anything!


i just love them on you kristen...cant wait i wish its nov.2011 now...hahaahhaha


I completely with you @Lydia

I know how corny it sounds but Kristen has really helped me alot with my own self-esteem, and proved that you don't need to wear a dress or have boobs to be beautiful. I don't think she looks boyish at all.. I think it's important to have girls like Kristen in the media who are so real and are happy with themselves. You don't have to have boobs to be stereotypically 'beautiful', and Rob sure doesn't seem to mind ;)


She looks great in both but for me the second look is better. Her body looks absolutely gorgeous. I completely do not agree with those who say she's flat or something... Well, I think she's not :)


I love the look. And I agree with Bronte. I also felt homely for a long time. I thought I had to look like all this disneygirls. But I didn`t felt comfortable with. I take notice at Kris when I saw pics of k. in normal clothes in magazines (it was the time where she prepared for the runaways). And everybody said: oh how could she go out like this?? And she don`t care about these people. Thats a reason why I love this girl.
And I don´t think she is flat. Kris is a thin, small girl. I can`t imagine her with boobs like katy perry. She would have backache the whole day ... Anyway I like her body and her attitude.


Flat-chested isn't a criticism, Lydia. At least, it wasn't when I said it.

I do think Kristen is flat-chested, and I do think the swimsuits were unflattering. But that's not a bad thing - it just is what it is. I'm flat-chested, I definitely don't judge other people for it! And it's certainly not KS's fault that they chose some unattractive suimsuits (IMO) - that's the wardrobe department.

But I do think that certain types of cuts and styles flatter flat-chested women more than others, and I think the first swimsuit is the wrong type of cut for her body type.


Note: The first bikini was bought by Kristen. Not Bella. Kristen was having fun between takes with Robert...
The second bikini was seen during a scene.
I'm sorry my english!xoxo;)


Ah, so it is Kristen's fault that the first bikini is unflattering. Ah well, if she liked it, good for her.


Do take note, some people do say her flat chest like it's a bad thing, which is the thing I'm uncomfortable with. Whereas, people who say it like they are proud of it, does not bother me.


I think Kristen has perfect body, people can be very envy. ;)


not looking forward to seeing her body like this. everybody's on here like she has a perfect body. I mean its not bad, but not appealing either. No, rob, yeah that's another story.


I love how Kirsten looks.. people can be very jelous because girl is awsome and she knows it!


looks really attractive by the she dress and carry herself..a perfect model for me


Very cute check out
! THey have a cute selection of vintage inspired swimwear.


She has a great body, isn't it a boyish figure? And its great to actually see a celebrity with small breasts and isn't affraid to actually wear something that shows that! Who cares if the bikinis arnt stupidly padded! I like three white bikini not so much the green one.


I truly appreciate of your blog.. Keep going.


cnt agree more with u lydia~ kirsten did show me a different side of all the hollywood actress~she has her own style not bothering people's comment~she likes who she is and that makes all kristen's fans love her so much!!! i was abit let down being a flat-chested but kristen jz proved to all of us-girls that we dont ned to have a nice boobs to own beauty & love but jz by being ourselves~


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