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Kristen appeared on George Lopez last night as she begins to wrap up her Eclipse promotional tour duties. This time she wore her new auburn locks down giving us a better look at it. I’m officially in love with it. watch the interview below (love the papastew part).

Part 1

Part 2

Kristen wore a Bally dress that was made for her. Watching the interview you can see it fits her like a second skin. I love the pencil dress look, it’s mature and sexy yet she’s she’s keeping it youthful still. It’s not an Ashley Greene Madrid fiasco where she went too mature ala stepford wife. A pair of Giuseppe Zanotti I96279 Platform Pumps complete this look. I love the red platform and Kristen has simply removed the thin ankle strap from her pair.

Another fantastic look for Kristen as she rounds up the Eclipse promo, soon she is off to begin pre production on ‘On The Road’ and we are having a fantastic contest in celebration of  filming on Polyvore. Enter your 1950’s Kristen sets Here.

Bally Custom Made Ruched Pencil Dress

lopez dress 1 lopez dress 2

lopez dress 3 bally pencil dress

Giuseppe Zanotti I96279 Platform Pumps (Kristen removed ankle strap)

Giuseppe Zanotti I96279 Platform Pumps lopez shoes 2


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Ok, after seeing it down, I'm officially loving the hair. I might even like it more than her natural color. If this is the look for On the Road, I'm really glad they didn't go for full blonde a la In the Land of Women. This looks more mature and fits her complexion much better.

I'm a blond myself with the same complexion as Kristen, kinda thinking I might go for this color now as it looks so good on her...


I'm absolutely IN LOVE with her hair!!!!!! I wish she would actually keep it this way. Looks so good on her.

And her dress....UNF! She has definitely shown us a variety of styles on this press tour, and I've loved about every single one. The one she wore to the NYC Eclipse premiere was stunning. Loved the detail work on the front.

The juggling story was hilarous...oh Rob! this is why we love you. lol

And I giggled when she pushed open the doors when she first came out. so cute.


by the way, her saying "PapaStew" has convinced me that she lurkes on Twitter. I think this is what her and Rob do in their down time. haha!


Kristen is SO SO SO LOVELY~ ^^



yes, kristen looks so good w/ that new hair color!!!! so glad we finally got to see it down!!!!:D the lighter color gives her a softer look:)


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