Want Kristen on your Tee?

UPDATE: I’ve been in contact with the makers of the tee and i’m doubting printing will happen unfortunately, there seems to be legal issues with using Kristen’s image to produce these tees. If any more updates happen then I'll let you guys know.

Dead & Alive clothing have a Kristen tee that will soon be available for pre order at just £8.99, 10.73 Euro or $13.95. If you have Facebook let them know you like this tee here.

Message from t-shirt maker:  "Maybe you can add somewhere why I'm doing this shirt. I'm a big Kristen fan and i feel this photo shows everything a fan could love about Kristen. She's a real girl who has no fears showing what she approves, supports, loves and dislikes. Maybe fans need to wear this in front of paps.
Oh and a part of the money from each shirt will be donated to help cleaning the oil spill."

The Kristen F*ck the Hype Tee will be available to purchase soon, details here

k tee

Credits: Dead & Alive Clothing & Kristen Owns Me

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i need need need that shirt!!! so cool




Damn. I can't wait until that's made available. Great price too!



where you can find it please?


*0* I need that shirt :D i want it!!1 xD


I will be buying this.


I like it!!!!


While I like your idea of helping the oil spill, I wonder if you have permission to use Kristen's likeness on your shirt. Her image belongs to her.


That`s so typical for Kristen. I like her attitude.


ah PLEASE sort the copyright issues out. We must have the t-shirt!


Pretty nice! I would like to own it, but I'm afraid sending it to my country would cost a lot...



i need this shirt ...
how to buy /?


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