Visiting the Jewish Memorial, Berlin

                                    jeans 1

Kristen had some free time in Berlin and she chose to to visit the Jewish Memorial ground. She kept her outfit very casual and comfortable, in other words very Kristen. She chose a Vague Clothing Men's Square Hoodie which can be purchased here for a pricey $179. Vague Clothing is an Australian designer so my guess is she either purchased it when she and Taylor visited Sydney or was given it as a gift by the company. Kristen’s appears from a distance to white version but after examining HQs it appears to be the slightly off white version shown below. Either way the men’s fit explains why it was so loose on her tiny frame as opposed to the male model. She paired the hooded top with some James Icon Warhol Cargo Skinny Jeans and some Keds Champion Not Too Shabby Laceless Twill Sneakers which can be purchased here for $50. Again her sneakers appear in light to be white but i believe them to be the ‘Taupe’ version shown below after examining HQs. A casual yet surprisingly fashionable look.


Vague Clothing Men's Square Hoodie

Vague Square Hoodie 1 Vague Square Hoodie 2 Vague Square Hoodie 3

hoodie 1  hoodie 2

James Icon Warhol Cargo Skinny Jeans

James Icon Warhol Cargo Skinny Jeans keds 1

Keds Champion Not Too Shabby Laceless Twill Sneakers

Keds Champion Not Too Shabby Laceless Twill 1 keds 3


*Thanks to Kristen Owns Me for all Kristen pictures and both and for clothing pictures. All pictures are copyright to their original owners.*

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WHATS ON HER CHIN? it looks like a bruise??? what do you think? just a flaw on the lens perhaps?


thanks Kiki for posting more about the "casual" Kristen, it´s been long! i don´t wanna sound cheesy, but i do love your blog, it´s not only interesting but useful! hehe, thanks a lot!!!


really, is that a bruise or what is it??? *concerned* !!!


I have been to the Holocaust museum in Israel/New York/Washington DC. Many of my relatives are survivors. Its cool to see Kristen, whom I hold as a role model is visiting this museum. WOW. I'm impressed, she is very special, not your typical celebrity. Awsome!!


I love this outfit. So simple and usual. And that's so kind of her that she has decided to visit this place.


I just want to express how happy i am to have
found this blog. This blog is amazing! I know little about fashion but I'm trying to improve my styling. Kristen is such an inspiration cuz I'm that kind of boyish girl too!
Hope that you can keep this up!

Reader from H.K. =]


i love her causal looks :) and this one is another *thumbs up* <3 looove the hoodie!


hi!i wanted to give u my opinion about sth...
i've followed this blog since u started it...and i noticed that u used to give much more info before than u do now...u know...nails, accesories, etc. and now u don't do it anymore and it was awesome actually....
maybe u are too busy now..i don't's just an opinion of a follower...(from my english is not the best, sorry!)
best wishes for u! =)


Weew that's my spot!! Just so you guys know you can also purchase it on ebay for much cheaper


Does anyone know the make of sunglasses she is wearing here?


Her sunglasses are Culter and Gross


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