Who Wore It Better?

                                  elizabeth and james stiletto sheath dress

So all is quiet on the Kristen front, there isn’t much to blog so expect some more ‘Inside Kristen’s Closet’ posts in the coming week. If you have a request just leave me it in the comments box and i will get to it as soon as i can. I’m glad Kristen seems to be in a pap free environment in Montreal, i can not wait to see her in character for On The Road. I’m going to begin reading the novel so I'll let you know my thoughts on the character when it’s complete.

Today's ‘Who wore it better'?’ post is dedicated to the fantastic Elizabeth and James 'Stiletto' Ponte Knit & Leather Dress which you can purchase here for $170.43 which is currently half the original sale price. Kristen wore this dress during the New Moon Madrid Press Conference in 2009 paired with some fantastic red Christian Louboutin Bianca Platform Pumps. Kristin Chenoweth and Nicki Minaj have both graced this dress on the red carpet so i ask you who wore it better?

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Kristin Chenoweth

Kristin Chenoweth E&J

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj E&J

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart E&J


*Credits: shop.nordstrom.com*

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Since this is a calmer period, I do have a request in mind, if you would have the time to look it through that is. In june 2009 (just before she started shooting TR) Kristen has been spotted in a shorter jeans a few times, and I was wondering if you would be able to identify those?

Thank you for taking requests


Kristen wore it better! :)
In my opinion, women with big breast, like Kristin Chenoweth and Nicki Minaj, don't look good in such dresses.


ITA!!!! i didn't even know that the dress could look bad b/c kristen made it look so good!!!;D


Hi! I love inside Kristen's Closet. I would love to see a post about all of her Vans sneakers, and where to buy. All of her cotton hoodies, or leather jackets, and where to buy. We still can't identify that gorgeous necklass of hers, can we?? You've done TOMS, converse, and Ray Bans. I'm sure you'll think of things better than me. Maybe Keds? Those are comfy! I don't know!
Your blog is amazing! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I read it regularly. :)


Even if I didn't have a bias in Kristen's favor I'd have to say she looks the best in that dress. Nicki M. would come in second.


We gotta find out about that necklace! At least what the charm is... I think her friend got it for her 20th birthday. And also all her purses are cool. But correct me if I'm wrong, alot of the things she wears, she wears only because companies send her items to wear. Does she actually pick out half the stuff she wears?


What foundation does she wear to premieres? Her skin is flawless!!!!!!!!!


About the necklace- she has stated that since it is a personal thing, she won't be trying to identify it, as to respect personal space and such. Sorry guys, no necklace identifying.


sorry but this is a question not related to the post, but i was wondering did ksbtu change its access to only invited readers?


dont pic, does not appear picture


Yeah, exactly, me too! :D


love that dress its gorge xxx


I'm obsessed with this shirt...


Could you tell me where to get it or if it's vintage? I looove it. :)


To eml, Kristen is wearing a Helmut Lang DenimKnit Combo Shirt which you can purchase here: http://tiny.cc/i85rf for $220.


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