Who Wore it Better?

Both Kristen and Kim Kardashian have been spotted wearing this D&G Silk Tulle Dress. Kristen wore it back in November last year promoting New Moon in Hot Topic and Jimmy Kimmel.

Who Wore It Better? Vote below:

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oh that's easy :D Kstew!
kim is fat.


Kristen. And I'm totally not choosing her 'cause I'm biased!

Kim's boobs are a little too big to look "good" in the dress, it looks like they're about to pop out which gives her a not-so-sexy and more slutty look.
Kristen on the other hand is pretty small in that departement and it goes well with the dress.

There are certain dresses you need big boobs for to look good in, others you need small boobs. *shrugs* This was just one of those dresses where you need small ones.

And to the person who commented above me (9h), Kim's not fat. Kristen's just insanely skinny. Kim has a normal, healthy woman's body. If that's what fat is for you then you have a problem


i think this is a 'no-brainer':p ha-ha, i just mean that this dress is meant to emphasize curves and if you already got 'em in overload like kim kardashian, then this dress is overkill!!! kristen, on the other hand, could use the boost, not that i don't think she already looks hawt but she has such a slender build.


ok (kstewartfan36) maybe I have a problem, Kim is good.


Love kim but she is too big for that dress


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