Kristens Best Look - Your say

Kristen is almost a fashion charmelion, what is your favourite type of look on her?

Soft & Feminine

Bold & Colourful

Dark & Edgy


Dark & Edgy =)


All of three but first Dark & Edgy


Bold/Colorful and Dark/Edgy are a tie for me

Lady D


i cant choose she looks amazing in everything she wears.


bold/colorful and dark/edgy.


my alltime fav is Kristen at the MTV Movie Awards! Loved her hair/make-up/dress and her shoes she totally rocked the red carpet!


dark an edgy = sexystew


Bold & Colorful ;)

Aww, i'm so happy that i found this site! It's gorgeous, i love Kristen's style! Her clothes are awesome.
Once again, thank you for your work :)




mostly the dark/edgy looks, but it's almost a tie w/ bold/colorful. suits her personality better than soft/feminine.


I like them all a lot ...

But if I should say personal taste I'd say dark/edgy and bold/colourful.
But there still are a few dresses from soft/feminine that I like a lot !

I wish I could wear those dresses...


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I guess I'm the odd one out: I like Soft & Feminine most!
My absolute favourite outfits are the Twilight Japan premiere, the MTV Video Awards 2009, and the New Moon Paris photocall ones (pics 5, 8 and 9). I really like the Conan Late Show dress (pic 11) from the bold/colourful collection though, and the Yellow Handkerchief premiere black dress with silver edging from the dark/edgy collection is great too.


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