LA screening of "The Yellow Handkerchief" February 18, 2010

Back again, this time we are looking at Kristens look for 'The Yellow Hankerchief' screening in L.A last night. She looked lovely and i'm liking that her hair is starting to get some real length back.

A simple look here as accessories and such were kept to a minimum. Kristen wore a stunning Azzaro Chain Link Dress. Shoes wise she wore a pair of Bally Stann Platform Pumps in black and she kept accessories to the minimum with her must have Chanel Camélia J2940 Onyx Rose with Diamonds Ring. Sorry for the bad quality picture of the shoes, i couldn't find a decent default which is why i took so long to post. If i find a better one i'll update.

Azzaro Chain Link Dress

Bally Stann Platform Pumps

Chanel Camélia J2940 Onyx Rose with Diamonds Ring


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