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I've been toying with the idea for a while about adding make up looks to the blog, so with the help of @Jacksonville25 we can now bring you 'Make Up Fridays'. Each week will be tackling a new Kristen look so feel free to leave requests in the comments. I thank @Jacksonville25 for filming these videos and letting me post them because there is no way i could do this without her.

The Make Up Tutorial this week will be Kristens Sundance 2009 look. This is a very simple and fresh look to start off with and for the people who find it difficult to understand the accent, no worries there is a How-To provided below. Enjoy, give me feedback and tell me what you think of this new addition.

How To: Kristen Stewart Make Up Tutorial - Sundance 2009

Things you’ll need:
Benefit cream eye shadows in “skinny jeans” & “birthday suit”
If these are not available, any gray and pale brown eye shadow (respectively) will suffice
Benefit waterproof “bad gal” eyeliner
Alternatives would be any eyeliner with a smudger
Maxfactor Lash Extension Effect Mascara
Gosh foundation “Porcelain”
Gosh Face Primer

You will not need eye brushes for this look whether you are using powdered eye shadows or the creams. Using your fingertip will make the colour stronger on your skin & you’ll be in more control than if you were using brushes. This is a day look which means casual. As you can see in pictures of Kristen at Sundance last year you will note her casual attire & make up alike in comparison to the New Moon premiere’s (all apart from Paris).

Kristen’s face is always pulls off the best “pale and interesting” look so for your face use the palest shade you can get away with. Of course the type of foundation should always depend on the tone of your own skin, but for Kristen’s looks you want to be as pale as you can.

For your face first use a primer. In this video I used the Gosh primer but from experience I found Urban Decays foundation primer the best buy. Put this over your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. It will give your skin a smooth basis and keep your foundation on for several hours, depending on the type of primer you use. Then spread your foundation liberally over your nose and cheeks, and depending on what feels comfortable to you and your complexion, put a tiny bit on your chin and forehead.

Once this is done, you can start on your eyes. If you have the cream eye shadows available you do not need an eye primer, however, if you are using powder shadows you will need Urban Decays Eye Primer Potion. Begin by applying the “birthday suit” colour on your eyelid, right up to the brow bone and underneath your eye. Apply it liberally as to give a good base to what goes over it.

After you’ve done that, take the “skinny jeans” colour and apply it to the lash line, but not into the inner corner. Stop a little more than half-way over your eye. Then, using a sweeping motion beginning at the outer corner of your eye, bring the colour into the crease of your eye. Make sure not to put any of this colour onto your actual lid. Reapply the “skinny jeans” colour over the same lines until you achieve the desired look you want. Just remember not to make it too dark as it is a day/casual look.

Now on to the eyeliner. For this you need to draw a thin - medium thickness line from the outer corner to the middle of your eye, making sure to stick close to the lash line. Make sure you can see the line clearly. Once you’ve done that, take a smudger, or if you don’t have access to one just use your finger to smudge it. Make sure to smudge from the outer corner toward the inner corner of your eye.

Now to finish off with the mascara. You can use any you want here but my personal favourite is Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara.

That is the look complete. Enjoy!


Her Haiti benefit look! I love the makeup she has on and would love to know how!


Heyy, can you show how to do her makeup from the 2008 premiere of the yellow handkercheif? More makeup she wears during the day, something more subtle please?
Love the blog btw,


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