Much Music 2008

Okay so i originally posted this look when i first started the blog but i've been going through my old posts and updating them for weeks since i've finally got the hang of using blogspot. The old most was kind of messy so i am re-doing this look and have removed my first post.

This is an all time classic Kristen look, one thaat people always seem to remember. Back during the Twilight promotion in late 2008 Kristen wore this French Connection strapless mini, the dress then went on to sell out after she was pictured in it. Her coat is a stunning Burberry Prorsum triple cuff satin coat which i think is one of my favourite coats i have ever seen her wearing (the material is to die for). Shoes wise she wears a pair of red Stella McCartney Metal-Heel Patent Pumps. For accessories she wears her favourite Seiko SJB880 Watch, a Soda Pop Bracelet and a chanel chain necklace. Stunning.

French Connection strapless mini

Burberry Prorsum triple cuff satin coat

Stella McCartney Metal-Heel Patent Pumps


Seiko SJB880 Watch

Soda Pop Bracelet

Chanel chain necklace


She is a beautiful woman, her presence is amazing, that dress also made her look more sexier, those long legs are just delicious.


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