Special Thanks

So recently i've past 20,000 blog views and i wanted to hear so feedback from you guys about the blog? Is there any items, looks you'd like to see?

Thanks to all the people who follow me, comment and visit this blog and a special thanks to @Jacksonville25 for bringing us 'Make Up Fridays'. Feel free to leave her requests of any Kristen make up looks you would like to see posted.

I also have some items that aren't deserving of their own post and was wondering if you guys have any ideas of what i could do with them........


Please do a post about Kristen's outfit for the Twilight 2008 premier in Madrid. I looooved that look but cannot find it anywhere. I don't even know who the designer is! Please post it, if you know. Thanks, and I love your blog!


are you talking about this dress http://bit.ly/dBjH2R i can do that no bother for you x


I love this blog and I think you do a great job with it. You are SO THOROUGH.

I like that in a blogger. :)


I love your blog and visit you everyday here ;D I would love to see more casuel looks of her and wanna know where I can buy that stuff or maybe similar things she wears:)


How about posts about where we can find things like she wears? If you get me!

Other than that i have no requests, this blog is perfect and i love you :) x


I just found this blog and wanted to say what a WONDERFUL job you are doing! This is just great and thank you so much!


Can I just know about the price of the POP Vintage Leather Hooded Bomber jacket. I think it's really cool x Where can I get such a jacket? Thanks. Keep posting. love your posts.


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