Departure from Montreal Airport and Arrival at LAX

Oh Kristen Stewart how i have missed non grainy pictures of your face. I didn’t post the pictures from the other day because you could barely see her outfit and i didn’t want to be sued for pictures Celebuzz paid a rumoured 300k for.  Moving on.

I’ve mixed some pictures of Kristen departure from Montreal airport to LAX with Robert, to point out a few items she is wearing for you wonderful readers. Oh how i have missed outfit breakdowns!

Kristen wore a white Joe Jeans ‘The Zoe’ Tank which you can purchase Here for $58. Kristen wears her favourite Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneakers which can be purchased from Converses own webpage Here for $45. Kristen takes a break from her favourite sunglasses brand and wears a pair of Oliver People Pierson Wayfarer sunglasses, this particular model is unavailable to purchase out with the USA, if you are interested in purchasing a pair then go  Here. Along with Kristen’s favourite Nike All Access Lair Backpack she carries a American Apparel Unisex Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie in ‘Sea Blue’ which you can purchase Here for $46. Kristen is wearing a Woolrich Women's Buffalo Check Flannel Shirt which you can purchase Here for $49.

Joe Jeans ‘The Zoe’ Tank

Joe Jeans The Zoe white tank 1 Joe Jeans The Zoe white tank 2

tank 4    tank 1

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneakers

Converse all star 2

 Nike bag 2 High tops 2

Oliver People Pierson S/S 2010 Collection Wayfarer sunglasses

Oliver People Pierson Wayfarer sunglasses

Nike bag 1 sunglasses

Nike All Access Lair Backpack

nike_all_access_lair_backpack Nike bag 3

American Apparel Unisex Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie

American Apparel Unisex Flex Fleece Zip Hoody Sea Blue hoodie 1

Woolrich Women's Buffalo Check Flannel Shirt

WR_23370_WBP Woolrich 2

*Thank you to the wonderful kstewartfans for all the Kristen pictures. All other content is taken from above listed websites and Google.*

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I swear, no one has ever made skinny jeans look so good.

<3 her hair color...definitely the best!


do you know where i can get hold of the cute little cream cardigan/shrug looking thing!? (bad description, i know)
She honestly is adorable.


Wow, she looks so beautiful. I love her style. The colors looking great at her.


I swear, the girl could wear anything, and always look AMAZING!


I applaud you for not posting the Celebuzz pictures, but I'm a little disappointed with the reasoning behind your decision. I hope that the only reason you didn't post them wasn't because you were afraid of getting sued and you couldn't see her outfit. If you're a real fan of Kristen, you would be disgusted that these pictures were released and not posted them because it is an invasion of privacy and just another pat on the back to the paparazzis. This has gone way too far, and I hope you avoid posting invasive pictures like these on your blog. I think we all can agree that Kristen must be going through hell right now. We have to support her.


Big hug for Stewie!
Darling, Kristen, crank up your iPod and blow off the paps. Get into the music and be oblivious to those stalkers. It's all in the mind.

Wonderful breakdown on clothes. Do you have anything on her plaid shirt???


I know this is a fashion blog so that's what I'll stick to but I just want to say to anon 15:42, did you look at the pictures in montreal, or do you only dislike pictures were Kristen looks unhappy, because surely that's selective suspension of morals?

did she change on flight? She is soo tiny, she can wear anything. I love how she bags looser baggy clothing and still knots it at the waist :)


Naturally if you read this blog you are aware that i am extremely selective of the pictures i post. I'm not against paparzzi pictures, what i am against is Kristen looking visibly upset in them. I'd like to hope that this blog can at least give her that slot of privacy she deserves. It's about fun, beauty and fashion and most of all Kristen. This is a place to come with no drama and just enjoy being a fan of this wonderful woman.


Aww, she looks absolutely awesome! These clothes are so cool, I totally adore her casual style.



wheres her checked shirt from?
love the blog :-)


Isn't there any way you could have cut Rob out of some of the pictures?


She's a very casual and plain Jane girl just like me, that's why i can relate to her look . i've been dressing this way sense i was a kid i'm only 19 now.


But i Guarantee if i put on everything she's wearing i'd look great because this is how i dress on the regular bases. and another thing we have in common i use to always flip my t'shirts up she nots hers i use to just twist it and flip it. it's actually the same thing.


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