In Argentina

Hi everyone, just a quick post from me right now. I’ll add any details if i spot them next week, unfortunately I'm blogging from bed ill but next week I'll be making up for my absence next week.

Kristen was spotted in Argentina as she continues to film ‘On the Road’. She wore the same Converse Chuck Taylor All Star NEEHI Denim and Plaid Sneakers she wore at Sundance 2010, you can view that particular breakdown Here. These Converses feature blue denim with red and black buffalo plaid wool lining and rawhide laces. This particular model happen to be rare, they are featured Here on Kristen wears a Diesel K-Pend Grey Pullover which she has previously worn whilst travelling last year. The pullover features ribbed collar, cuffs and waistband with a drawstring hood and the signature Diesel logo at the hem. I love that she is not afraid to wear something more than once. Despite being sold out you can view details on Kristen’s Diesel K-Pend Grey Pullover Pullover Here. Her darker hooded top appears to be her EC Star Nuns with Guns Hoodie due to the faded colour however any other pictures reveal it not to be I'll change the details ASAP.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star NEEHI Denim and Plaid Sneakers

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star NEEHI Denim and Plaid Sneakers


Diesel K-Pend Grey Pullover

DIESEL K-Pend Grey Pullover DIESEL K-Pend Grey Pullover 2


EC Star Nuns with Guns Hoodie

EC_star_Nuns_with_guns_hoodie_back EC_star_Nuns_with_guns_hoodie


Credits: Converse picture taken from, view Here. Diesel K-Pend Grey Pullover picture taken from Here. Kristen pictures from fiercebitchstew.

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loving the bra shots! ;P


i love her grey pullover!!!! looks so soft and pretty on her!!!!!
aawwwww, sorry to hear you're sick:( get better soon!!!!


Not a fan of the bra shots, personally. I think it looks a little cheap.


hello, what are you'd know which brand is the plaid shirt if you please


I like to see kristen with her hair like that and wearing these clothes. Though i think it is mean that someone takes a photo where you can see her bra while she is signing. It is so sad because she seems to do her best to be properly dressed for the paparazzi, she never shows to much. But still she looks amazing. :)


I love the hoodie and the pullover. She looks great, as always.



I don't think it's mean of them to take the photo - she's clearly alright with her bra showing because otherwise she wouldn't have worn such a low cut sweatshirt.


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