Kristen Stewart Fashion in 'Fancy' Magazine

Kristen Stewart Fashion was featured in this months 'Fancy' magazine under a Kristen feature. Thank you to my partner in crime Maria (@kstewemmakeup) for being a part of this blog and bringing us Make Up Fridays, you are very appreciated also to Cortni for helping me with clothing ID's. To the magazine and you readers, commenters who therefore allow me to continue writing this blog i thank you.

Much love.

Thank you to for sending me these wonderful pictures and alerting me of the feature.


That is awesome!!! You go girl :)


wow, that's great! :)


Thank YOU for doing this blog! You do an awesome job.


rightfully earned.


This blog is so much fun to visit. Thank you for all of your work!


You must be so pleased :) You really deserve it, thanks for your work on this.


Parabéns! eu sempre visito seu site acho muito legal...


Wow~ That proves you've done a great job~



OMG, that is my magazine, in my house. I see my pillow! Whahaha!


Wow, there's written about this blog. Congrats!



Hey, I'm from Brazil and I love this blog! I love everything. I love the Make Up Friday, I always do at home what I learn! Kisses


thank you so much for this blog i love it! i go on the website every day just waiting for something new. keep up the good work.


Aii, o site divulgou algo sobre The Runaways, a respeito do beijo dela. Adoroo!


WOW! Congratulation! You`re doing a great job. I love your blog! I check it out every day waiting for a new post! The Fancy magazine is still available in the netherlands??



woohoo!!!!! that's awesome!!!! your post def deserves some more recognition!!!!!!:D


we dutch people loveeee your blog:)


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