On The Road Filming Begins Today

Happy Monday all! I’m back from my trip and had an absolutely wonderful time. There is nothing in the way of news, I'm beginning to miss Kristen and her steeze but again I'm pleased she is getting some down time away from the paparazzi.

Today marks the first day of On the Road filming, I'm lead to believe Kristen will be filming her part for around 6 weeks so we should look for her to finish around mid September. I’m extremely excited about this project being brought to life and hopefully some fans will manage to snap a few pictures of Kristen in her 1950’s costume.

Below is some artwork made by fans for On The Road, if you have any feel free to send me them in and I'll attach them to this post.

@IzzieSpice from @twilightish is also in the Montreal area so follow her on Twitter, I've attached 2 of her photos below the fan art.

quiet soliloquy artwork 2


quiet soliloquy artwork 1

IzzieSpice 1 IzzieSpice 2

*Thank you to quiet_soliloquy and MadeInIllinoiz for the wonderful artwork.*

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I just finish reading this book and I have to say it was an interesting read. I can not wait to see Kristen Stewart in character.


Clumsy as a poison because of your mouth
Poisoning my wounded heart
There is a chest inside this mad desire
Bleeding lips of those poisoned
In a lacerating bite so deep
Painfully in which the blood floods
The lush floor of your room
If I spill my blood as I speak softly
Not only will this drain my
For the love of me is not torture
And yes indeed an adventure
Ah! How would it be? Ah! My God, how would it be?
Dying in your haste to vampire
Numb love in your waist

Sandro Kretus



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