Some MaryLou

I'm missing Kristen. It's pretty simple.

There has been no 'On The Road' news apart from a fan encounter or two and a few set pictures (none of Kristen though). I'm posting a few Polyvore sets so if you have any or any artwork feel free to send it my way, we could be in for a long drought.

Check back Monday for another 'Who Wore it Better?' post.


yeah I miss her too..a lot. But that means she can concentrate for Marylou and has some rest. She´s really good at hiding better than Rob:) When was the last time we´ve seen her? Was is with TomStu? Seems like months :(


Yeah, I think we all miss her here... I can't wait to see some set pictures with Kristen, I'm sooo excited about it.



She is really very good at hiding. I can`t remember of many private pictures when she isn`t filming or promoting.


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