Who Wore It Better?

Whilst there was no Kristen at the Teen Choice Awards last night she still managed to take home 4 awards so congratulations to our girl.

Megan Fox was in attendance last night however wearing the same Isabel Marant Fall 2010 Collection Lamé Tulip Skirt that Kristen previously wore in Vogue back in May. Whilst i like Megan's whole look from the waist down i feel her patterned top ruins the skirt. The shirt in my opinion is much better suited to the accompany the skirt and i love Kristen's Jill Sander Military boots with this look.

Kristen wins for me, but who in your opinion wore the Isabel Marant Fall 2010 Collection Lamé Tulip Skirt better?

Vote Below;

Megan Fox

Kristen Stewart

Credits: Style.com


Definitely Kristen.
And not only because I think she's much cooler than Megan.
Kristen's light blue blouse matches perfectly with the skirt, giving it this...mysterious...touch.
Megan's purple shirt instead...Mismatch, if I may say so.
And the boots match the skirt better than pumps.


Well, Kristen's edgy outfit is way better, but, honestly, the skirt alone looks better on Megan, Kristen is just too thin here...


Kristen the best FUCKING EVER!!!!!!


I totally agree with you, Kristen wins this time.



kristen, she looks so much better in it!<3


To be honest, I prefer the runway outfit. I don't like Megan's top with the skirt, but I also don't care for Kristen's buttoned up completely.


Kristen can't wear anything wrong! She just have a wonderful body and fucking amazing legs!


do a post what kristen would have worn to teen choice awards. ps is that rob wearing her secret necklace at the teen choice awards?


I am just bitten smitten with Kristen. I think she is one of the VERY BEST out there. Check my YouTube site! I have a LOT of her interviews on it in HD, including a wonderful 4 min clip from The Cake Eaters. Go to YouTube/Davethreshold I LOVED the Runaways! I just saw The Yellow Handkerchief, and I can't wait for the Riley's. LOVE HER!
Dave Smith


how did you see the yellow hankerchief? i cant find it anywhere!!


for me it's all in those long legs
so kristen for sure!!
sorry for my english :/


Megan Fox is the most beautiful and sexiest women for me. She will gorgeous in anything that she wears. That skirt is just so perfect for her. It really shows how sexy her legs are.


Kristen Stewart, she wears everything better then anyone else. She IS the most naturally beautiful and sexy women EVER.


ur damn beautiful kristen :)


kristen freaking stewart enough said


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Kristen all the way! You can rent Yellow Handkerchief at Blockbuster. Its an exclusive. Very well done!


kristen stewart and the most beautiful of all


Kristen Stewart! She's got those amaing legs! =)


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