First Video Q&A

*Blogged by Maria*

So this is my solution to answering all the questions I get on my YouTube videos. From now on instead of me writing millions of comments on each of my videos I will answer your questions more efficiently on this blog. To watch more of my videos click here. I’m also thinking of setting up another channel by Friday to host my latest Makeup Friday video and to house makeup videos only. I’ll keep everyone posted on that and I still have to come up with a name for the channel. If anyone has any ideas, please throw suggestions my way.

This first question was posted on my Eyebrow tutorial video from GhostBunnyEatsCheese

Q: Awesome! Thank you for making this! Random question but what do you use in your hair? It looks awesome!!

A: Haha! I thought my hair looked awful on the video but thank you very much! I just shampooed my hair with Avon Daily Shine 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner.


What about MAriaKe-UP? Or MAke-up TutoRIAls??



Maybe MakeupbyMaria or MariaMakeup or MakeupwithMaria.........something like that...



hmmm... not sure about a name... but as for the research for blonde brows... Anastasia makes really good products & kits.


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