Kristen on set with Robert

Today is the day that keeps on giving, i'm still holding out for a full body shot of her outfit but this makes me a tad warm and fuzzy.

Kristen was visited by Robert Pattinson on the set of 'On the Road' yesterday. Pics attached below.

Here's hoping more cast pictures come out, i want to see her shoes.

But this is cute non?

All pictures from the wonderful kstewartfans and pattinsonimages and can be found here: and here


Love these pictures! Sooo cute :)
And her hairstyle is just lovely.



Kris looks great. She seems to be happy.


What is she doing at the first and the second pic? Whats inside her hand?


hey... did you see that rob's t-shirt in this picture is the one kristen's wearing in the post of september 14... LOL... guess there's absolutly no doubt they're crazy 'in love' haha...


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