Alexis Bittar Cuffs

I'll be honest, jewellery isn't my strong point. I've never been big at accessorising but i have a few things i need such as a watch, a bracelet and a ring. Kristen wears a few pieces in her Flaunt Magazine spread that caught my eye and i felt i should post them here. Both are cuffs by Alexis Bittar who creates some fabulous jewellery, if you want to check out her other pieces then have a look at her webpage here: The geometric cuff is from an earlier collection and the ribboncuff is from a recent collection both are fab and very glam.

Alexis Bittar Geometric Cuff (Kristens is in Rhodium)

Alexis Bittar Sculptural Ribbon Cuff

Thanks to @kstewdevotee and polyvore for the pictures


i actually have the alexis bitter ribbon cuff in my office as a sample (i work in pr for accessories desginers) and its just as hot in person as it is in pictures..obviously hot on stewy.



Alexis Bittar is a HE, not a SHE!


Wow i don't care about the stuff right now... she's too hot and sexy.


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