Kristen At LAX and Arrival at Sydney

Morning! I woke up this morning to new Kristen pictures, i'm quickly blogging this before i head out to see Sex and the City 2 so if there are any add ons i'll take care of that later on this evening. First off Kristen looks adorable (hello freckles) and second hello necklace! It is so tiny though i literally have not one clue what it is.......... nice present though, nice and unique i'd say. Wonder where she got it from ;)

Kristen looks casual and mighty cute here in a simple outfit consisting of black skinny jeans (i'll get back to you on that one later) and a Simdog zipper tank. This tank has been worn before by Ashley Greene, i swear the Twilight cast get sent stuff in bulk because they all end up with similar shirts, tanks and sunglasses. I love this tank even though we didn't get to see more of it (maybe we will when she arrives in Austrailia?) it looks so comfortable yet has the edge that makes it Kristen. Her hoodie is her favourite ECStar 'Nuns with Guns' hoodie and her shoes are Vans Saddle Sid shoes. These shoes seem quite rare, i haven't seen any pictures of them elsewhere but Kristen seems to have a thing for bright canvas sneakers. She carries a Izaac Mizhari Fall 2010 Coat that we have seen her wear before back in NYC when she was pictured outside Regis and Kelly. The coat has been slightly modified for Kristen, ah the advantages of being Kristen Stewart. To finish off she carries her favourite Nike All Access Lair Backpack and tops it all of with a cute black beenie. Such a cute look.

On another note, Eclipe promotion is about to start and you all know how excited i am for the steeze we will see. Australia here we come, i can't wait to see what it has in store for us. I'll meet you there ;).

Simdog Black Zipper Tank

EC Star Clothing "Nuns With Guns" Hoodie

Vans Saddle Sid Canvas Sneakers

Izaac Mizhari Fall 2010 Collection Coat - Carried By Kristen (Slightly Modified for Kristen)

Nike All Access Lair backpack

UPDATED - Arrival in Sydney

Upon arrival Kristen wore her same travel outfit just changing her shoes from the Vans saddle sids to Vans prision shoes. What can i say? The girl sure loves her Vans shoes.She also slipped on one of her favourite pairs of sunglasses, the Mont Blanc MB214SW sunglasses. I love them, they seem to be her 'go to' sunglasses when she doens't have her Ray Bans. Oh and also i can't believe i never mentioned this yesterday but hello rings! It went over my head i was so suprised (and happy) to see the return of the spoon ring i missed it! I'm hoping she'll debut some killer rings during Eclipse promotion......i know i'm aiming high but you never know. To the people asking on Twitter and such about the beanie, yes i'm very aware it looks familiar and may be borrowed for a handsome young man but we'll leave it at that and enjoy the pictures ;)

Vans Prision Canvas Sneakers

Mont Blanc MB214SW Sunglasses

*Thanks to kstewartfans, justjared and for the pictures*


i like her daily that rob's beanie?


Looooove her outfit. Gorgeous.



Her jeans are Denim of Virtue.. I just can't find them in the plain black like hers..


no, everyone keeps saying it may be robs beanie but if you actually look a t robs its a really dark blur and its smaller than the one kristens got :)


Sorry correction to my last comment.. her jeans at the airport are by Hudson jeans, and her jeans on the boat ride I'm pretty sure are Denim of Virtue (you can see the v on the back pocket in one of the HQ photos)


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I think thats Roberts Beanie. And I saw other pics where she is wearing it too!


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