Elle UK Magazine Behind The Scenes

I'm in love with this behind the scenes video, Why? because it shows Kristen comfortable, relaxing and wearing some beautiful clothing. The whole shoot looked really natural and the stylists and make up artists took Kristens best features and enhanced them. Look at the video and you'll hear them say they took her constant hands through her hair factor into consideration and her natural facial features and brought them all together to create this look. They took her style of comfortable clothes (do you see any heels because i don't) and gave her shorts, socks, playsuits and a comforting environment to work in. I love this because a real stylist should look at who their client is and take what makes them.......well them and bring that into consideration. That was done here so i give props to Elle for bringing us not only 1 but 2 fantatsic shoots both very different, both equally sexy....both equally Kristen.

Elle UK Behind The Scenes

P.S i want that animal print jumper Kristen is wearing in one part of the video!

Dolce and Gabanna Fall 2010 Animal Print Dress

Thanks to @kstewartnews for the title picture and style.com for the dolce pic.


ooh plz have a makeup tutorial on her makeup here!!
its lovely



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