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I started this draft as soon as pictures came out knowing I'd be snowed down with work the next 4 weeks. My general opinion on this shoot is that it is hot but not different. The pictures are stunning I mean Kristen has one of the most photogenic faces I have ever seen. She has stunning skin and features; is there a bad picture of her out there? I don't think so. I don't know if anyone else thought this but when I saw pictures i thought 'wow she is really petite' we've always known Kristen was slim but she is looking trim here.

Looking through pictures so far she really has the fierce attitude going down. I liked the styling of the shoot but i didn't love it. Items such as the Christian Louboutin and Chanel boots I love and I think they really make this shoot but I wasn't liking the Valentino leather trousers or the bolero on the cover. These just aren't items I would personally put together but I like the overall 'look' the stylist is going for. Lastly before we get started I just wanted to say I wasn't happy with the hair....I would have liked it slicker. The advantage of styling Kristen is she can wear so many styles and carry it off and her attitude is what makes this entire shoot fierce.

Lets start with the magazine cover. Here Kristen is wearing Christian Louboutin Mesh Madame Tall Boot, can we just stop and admire the fierceness (I don't even think that is a word). These boots were definitely one of my favourite items from the entire shoot, the red sole gets me every time. Her trousers are from the Gucci spring 2010 ready to wear collection. Personally I love that they are high-waisted because its not a style we get to see on Kristen often. I scratched my head over the bolero, me and 'what Kristen wore' over at twitter were throwing designers back and forward trying to figure this one out. Coolspotters.com spotted this as a Christian Lacroix lace bolero. Christian Lacroix went bust in 2009 so I'm guessing this must be from an older collection or such. There was something about this bolero I didn't like and I think it is the frills on the sleeves, whilst I love the open front I think the lace frill overload was too much for the cuffs.

Christian Louboutin Mesh Madame Tall Boots

Gucci Spring/Summer 2010 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Gucci S/S 2010 collection here: http://bit.ly/lmSa9

Christian Lacroix Lace Bolero

In this look Kristen wears a Temperley London Lattice Jersey Mini Dress. Its strange she should wear this, I literally was looking at the longer sleeved version of this over at net-a-porter (link here http://bit.ly/bCvsRI) before the pictures came out so I instantly recognized it. I've included the link to look at the collections and I think the Temperley one is worth a peek if you have time. Temperley always make stunning dresses so if you want to take a look at their other stuff here is the official website link http://bit.ly/alzKSu. Her skirt is by Stella McCartney, i do find it strange the is no default for this despite Stellas wearing it herself (the default is a from when she wore it herself). Shoes *sigh* oh these shoes are fantastic, i can not tell you how much i adore these Burberry Prorsum Leather ankle boots. The fishnet tights add a little something extra sexy to the look. This was one of my favourite looks from the photoshoot, it is dramatic and the make up and hair style compliment the lattice structure nicely. She really rocks a dress like this I'd like to see something like this during Eclipse promotion.

Temperley London Lattice Jersey Mini Dress

Temperley S/S 2010 Collection link here: http://bit.ly/OLfkg

Stella McCartney Lace Skirt

Burberry Prorsum Black Leather Ankle Boots

This next look is a different look for Kristen, it's really nice to see her in metallic colours as opposed to the darker colours used in this shoot. This uber short mini dress is by Amanda Wakeley. I was prowling through Amanda Wakeleys official site (http://bit.ly/1mYIth ) and saw this top version of the mini dress so i thought it was worth posting over here to let you have a better look at the beading detail on the mini. The bolero again like the front cover was a head scratcher for me so thank you to the lovely people over at Coolspotters for identifying it as a Bebe Pleated Bolero. Can I say that i absolutely adore this bolero and the texture on really complimented the contour beading on the mini dress.

Amanda Wakeley Spring/Summer 2010 RTW Contour Beaded Mini Dress

Vest Version

S/S collection here: http://bit.ly/a1Wyqr

Bebe Pleated Bolero

Spotted at Coolspotters (http://bit.ly/c5G0y0)

This look actually was one of the first looks we saw from this shoot online I'm not sure the leather trousers and shoes compliment the jacket but that's just my opinion. The trousers are from the Valentino spring/summer 2010 collection and have been slightly modified (lack of bows ect) for the shoot. Kristen wears Burberry Prorsum Twisted Band Platform Sandals in black. I think these shoes are probably one of the most known pair of shoes out there, celebrities everywhere have worn them. The top Kristen is wearing is by Rachael Cassar, I absolutely adore it. What I truly appreciate about this top is how it is see through and showing skin yet still classy and sexy. For those of you unaware Rachael Cassar is an eco-fashion couture collection so her work is really worth taking a look at (official website http://bit.ly/b6ZtR6). When I saw this jacket it really reminded me of the grafitti beading on Kristen's L.A New Moon premiere gown. This jacket is a from the Monique Lhuillier Spring 2010 collection but was not shown on the runway unfortunately.

Valentino Spring/Summer 2010 Collection Leather Pants

S/S collection here: http://bit.ly/9oYA3

Burberry Prorsum Twisted Band Platform Sandals

Rachael Cassar Fall 2010 Top

F/W collection here: http://bit.ly/cPJguL

Monique Lhuillier Spring/Summer 2010 Collection Jacket

Spotted at Coolspotters http://bit.ly/9z8pMj

This dress is from the Ina Soltani Fall 2010 line, it hasn't even debuted online yet oh the advantages of being Kristen Stewart. I actually happen to really like the one shouldered look on our gal, it suits her. She wears Chanel Biker Boots with a silver plate, i love these boots did anyone else notice Beyonce wearing them on stage with Jay Z at Coachella? Two very different looks, i'd go for Kristen on this one.

Ina Soltani Fall 2010

Thanks to Coolpotters for the pic, see Ina Soltanis collections here: http://www.inasoltani.com/

Calfskin Biker Boot with Chanel Engraved Plate

Chanel Resort Collection here: http://bit.ly/d0yvA3

This picture included Kristen wearing a white version of this Thomas Wylde skirt. I always love the black/white contrast especially on someone with dark hair it makes the look more dramtic. This is actually one of my favourite looks from the shoot. She wears the skirt with a Thomas Wylde Skull embellished vest. The photo also includes Kristen with a Bebe Ostrich feather vest over her lower arms. In the outtake you can see that Kristen is once again wearing the Chanel resort leather biker boots. I actually prefer this outtake picture to the one in print. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the boleros and such in these shoots and this one is absolutely fantastic. A fabulous look all in.

Thomas Wylde Leather Peplum Skirt Spring/Summer 2010 in White

View Thomas Wyldes collections here: http://www.thomaswylde.com/

Thomas Wylde Skull embellished vest in black

Bebe Ostricch Feather Vest

Calfskin Biker Boot with Chanel Engraved Plate

Thank you to kstewdevotee for the pictures.

*Phew it's finally here and posted, hope the wait was worth it ;)*


Absolutely worth the wait. Drooling over the Burberry Prorsum Black Leather Ankle Boots. Those are incredible. Thank you!


Worth waiting :)

Awww, I thinnk I like this session very much! I love the photo in which Kristen is standing in front of the mirror. Stunning.
Burberry sandals and Calfskin Biker Boots are my favorits, but I like most the look from the photo with Temperley London Lattice Jersey Mini Dress.
By the way, Kristen looks very young here - I mean, much more younger than she really is.



Great write up! Love her in Gucci, not so sure about the other looks, but then she never looks bad. Some of those shoes could end lives!


I. Want. NOW.
Great new layout btw.


ur looking very beautifull in casual dresses......i love u


heyy i love the black and red dress...that you were at the 2009 mtv adwards..now where did you get it?


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